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Croatian Pharmacy Chain Introduces Cisco Digital Signs Solution

Farmacia Deploys Cisco Technology to Enhance Customer Experience, Improve Staff Training, and Share Important Medical Information Across 54 Stores
May 24, 2010

ZAGREB, Croatia - May 24, 2010 - Cisco today announced that the Croatian pharmacy chain Farmacia, owned by Atlantic Grupa, is deploying Cisco® Digital Signs across its network of 54 stores in 15 Croatian cities. Cisco Digital Signs, part of the Cisco Digital Media Suite (DMS), provides Farmacia with a centralized streaming of graphics and video content to terminals placed in each pharmacy location. Farmacia uses Cisco Digital Signs to efficiently and easily distribute information related to health care, the prevention of illnesses, new pharmaceuticals and pharmacy services across its network. The pharmacy chain is also planning to use Cisco DMS to distribute training content to individual stores, so that pharmacists don't need to travel for training sessions and business productivity is not interrupted.

Key Facts / Highlights:

  • Service provider T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) is deploying the solution and operates it as a managed service, so Farmacia saves on initial capital expenses and simply pays a monthly fee. T-HT provides the network connectivity with a dedicated virtual private network (VPN), based on Cisco 800 Integrated Services Routers installed at the individual pharmacies. Recro-net, a Cisco Gold Certified Partner in Croatia contributed with solution design and support for the deployment.
  • Cisco Digital Media Suite is an integrated business video platform consisting of a comprehensive suite of applications for the transfer of interactive video content. Farmacia selected Cisco Digital Media Players, which deliver content to the digital signage systems and provide standards-based video codec support, and the Cisco Digital Media Manager, which manages content and creates and schedules playlists.
  • Cisco Digital Signs provides scalable, centralized management and publishing of high-quality content to digital signage displays. It offers an innovative way to help improve the customer and user experience and to strengthen competitive advantages.
  • Digital signage is suitable for a wide variety of customer applications in many industries, including financial services, retail, government, education, health care, sports, entertainment, safety and security, and transportation. It can be used for marketing, communications and training and for sharing information. It can also help enhance the customer experience by delivering entertaining and informational content and contributes to reducing perceived waiting times.

Supporting Quotes:

  • Daniela Hočevar, director, Atlantic Farmacia Marketing
  • "Our objective was to differentiate the Farmacia chain through customer experience, and Cisco Digital Signage helps us achieve this goal. As the leading nonstate pharmacy chain in Croatia, in size as well as in the level of service, we are continuously upgrading our offer in every aspect. Thanks to the networked-based content distribution, we can offer up-to-date information to our customers, who also perceive waiting times as shorter, as their attention is directed to the screens. Our pharmaceutical suppliers no longer need to print and distribute costly collateral materials and can reach patients simultaneously and effectively."

  • Hrvoje Isek, director, Key Account Sales Department, T-Com, T-HT
  • "T-HT continuously pursues technological trends that benefit the business of our customers, helping to advance their strategic position on the market and increase their revenue. Accordingly, T-HT has dedicated a lot of effort to developing an ICT strategy which unifies telecommunications and information technology services and enables us to broaden the range of integrated solutions brought to market. We see this integrated DMS implementation as yet another step forward in our long-standing and successful business cooperation with Atlantic Grupa, owner of Farmacia. Atlantic Grupa is among the first to launch such an innovative project in collaboration with T-HT. The service is entirely supported by T-HT, from equipment lease to maintenance, which enables our customer to focus resources on its own core business."

  • Ana Blazinic, acting general manager, Cisco Croatia
  • "The innovative digital signage solution implemented for Farmacia demonstrates how point-of-sale information and advertising can become more efficient and even achieve savings. We believe that the collaboration with T-Hrvatski Telekom and Atlantic Grupa will open new business opportunities for other companies in Croatia, especially by demonstrating the advantages of managed services."

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About Farmacia

Farmacia is the leading private pharmacy chain in Croatia and one of the strongholds of the development strategy of Atlantic Grupa, one of the most dynamic companies in the region.

Pharmacies belonging to the Farmacia chain operate in accordance with the highest standards of the pharmacy profession and are recognized on the market as the leading pharmacies when it comes to offering quality and extensive pharmacist services, advancing business operations in the pharmacy system and strengthening the role of pharmacists in the overall health system.

About T-Hrvatski Telekom

T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT) is the leading provider of telecommunication services in Croatia, serving more than 1.5 million fixed lines, 2.88 million mobile subscribers and nearly 527,000 broadband connections through its two divisions: T-Com and T-Mobile. Customer retention and acquisition, customer satisfaction with the services the company provides, and focus on growth and innovation, including care about quality and delivery efficiency, are the key strategic guidelines of T-Hrvatski Telekom.