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Cisco Security Agent Selected by Russia's Largest Retail Mobile Phone Network

Euroset deploys Cisco Security for data protection at 4,700 outlets across the region
Apr 02, 2009

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - April 02, 2009 - Euroset, Russia's largest mobile phone retailer has upgraded and extended its centralized data security system with the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) endpoint security solution across its network of 4,700 retail outlets in Russia and CIS. To efficiently monitor, manage and enforce consistent security across servers and desktops, Euroset needed a solution that could potentially offer zero-update attack protection, data loss prevention, and signature-based antivirus in a single agent.

With a highly successful pilot running since 2006, using CSA 4.5 across 5,000 agents, INLINE Technologies, a Cisco certified Gold Partner, successfully won the contract for a company-wide deployment of Cisco Security Agent 5.2. Euroset has now installed CSA 5.2 licenses for 15,000 computers and 100 servers, and INLINE Technologies intends to upgrade the existing 5,000 agents to the new version of CSA without disruption of service.

According to Michael Kader, Cisco's leading data security expert in Russia and CIS, "As the largest Cisco Security Agent installation in Russia, Euroset demonstrates the need for data protection and endpoint security in the retail environment."

Before the installation, the Euroset's centralized data security system was simulated and tested at the INLINE Technologies lab, where policies to protect application servers - including database, file and mail servers - were developed and set up jointly with Euroset technical experts. These policies protect corporate workstations, by preventing proliferation of network worms and viruses and controlling users who install new software and use removable drives.

"Installation of a workstation security solution based on industry-leading Cisco Security Agent, fully meets the security requirements of our automated corporate systems," said Alexei Medvedev, head of Euroset's data security department. "CSA helped us to centralize and simplify management of data security in Euroset's distributed IT infrastructure, as well as reduce the risk of downtime in automatic sales support systems at our retail outlets."

To lower implementation risks, accelerate the installation process and reduce costs, INLINE Technologies implemented the project in cooperation with Cisco technical support and Euroset's data security group. On-going support and maintenance will be managed by INLINE Technologies.

"The successful implementation of the Euroset data security system is proof of our expertise in managing the scale and complexity of such projects," said Yuri Molchanov, key account manager at INLINE Technologies.

About INLINE Technologies

INLINE Technologies (, part of ITG (INLINE Technologies Group), is a universal IT integrator, specializing in construction, integration and implementation of IT systems; development, delivery, installation, maintenance and service support of IT infrastructure, networks and communication systems.

Strategic operations of the company include: IT consultancy; deployment of multi-service enterprise networks; implementation of data security, processing and storage systems; setting up management systems for IT infrastructure, electronic document flow and collaboration, as well as technical support and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

About Euroset

Euroset is the largest mobile retailer and a leading dealer of Russia's largest service providers. Its core operations include: retail sales of mobile phones, digital cameras, DECT phones, personal audio systems and accessories, as well as connection to providers' networks and delivery of IT services to customers.

Today, Euroset retail network includes about 4,700 shops in Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova and Ukraine. In 2008 Euroset revenues reached $5.7 bn. According to Deloitte's report published in January 2009, in the period from 2002 to 2007 Euroset was the fastest growing retailer in the world.

The company belongs to ANN (50.1%) and OAO Vympelcom (49.9%).