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Cisco Partners with Leading Retailers to Standardize Video Analytics for Loss Prevention

Cisco and major retailers deliver proposal for standards- based access and capture of video analytic metadata to National Retail Federation ARTS council at NRF Loss Prevention Expo
Jun 11, 2007

SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 11, 2007 - In an effort to increase retail loss prevention effectiveness and bolster in-store customer experience metrics, Cisco® today submitted a proposal to standardize how computers describe surveillance video for image analysis to the Association for Retail Technology Standards (ARTS), a division of the National Retail Federation. A group of leading retailers asked Cisco to work with them to develop a consistent way to access video analytic metadata from different vendors.

Video surveillance has traditionally been used in retail for loss prevention. With the aid of computer processing and analysis of video, referred to as video analytics, retailers can further enhance loss prevention efforts and better understand customer behaviors, as well as improve the customer experience to increase sales. Today, there are a large number of video analytic software programs that identify specific behaviors and events captured on video, such as people counting, line queueing, package left behind and people entering specific areas. As a new technology, most of these programs use different and proprietary formats that limit interoperatibility and compatibility. The proposed standard for how and in what format video metadata is described by these analytics programs will enable greater interoperability between multiple vendor's products. As a result, a retailer or third party will be able to more easily create and integrate several video analytic products into a customized solution.

As a recognized leader in converged network applications, Cisco was asked by a team of Retailers to create a proposal that provides consistency, interoperability, and extensibility for metadata access.

"Application interoperability coupled with the power of IP network infrastructure, which serves as a platform for convergence, are the keys to unlocking the true value of video. A standard method to access video analytic metadata will accelerate innovation in loss prevention and buyer analytic network applications as vendors can more easily and quickly implement new and improved capabilities," said Pete Jankowski, chief technology officer, Physical Security Business Unit (PSBU) at Cisco. "Cisco believes this open standards approach will increase the use of video analytics and delivers far greater return on the customer's investment."

Today at the NRF Loss Prevention Show, Cisco and the retailers behind the proposal invite video analytics providers and other retailers to review the proposal before it is submitted to ARTS. The meeting will take place at 3pm PDT in room #30B at the San Diego Convention Center.

"We're pleased that Cisco, and their retail partners have selected ARTS as the standards association to create an open industry standard from the fine foundation they have created," said Richard Mader, executive director of NRF ARTS. "Standardized access to video analytic metadata will provide retailers a better tool to improve loss prevention and general store operations."

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