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WebSprix to Deploy Cisco Routed Optical Networking Solution with Cisco 8000 to Help Shrink the Digital Divide in Ethiopia

News Summary: WebSprix to deploy Cisco Routed Optical
Dec 10, 2020

News Summary:

  • WebSprix to deploy Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution with Cisco 8000 series routers for enhanced resiliency, reduced cost, and greater network simplicity
  • WebSprix first service provider to offer high-speed broadband access in Ethiopia, helping build a stronger IT infrastructure and boost economic growth
  • Cisco 8200 series routers with 400 GbE ZR/ZR+ coherent optics to build a high-speed network backbone with long distance fiber connections

SAN JOSE, Calif. – December 10th, 2020 – Cisco announced today that WebSprix, an IT solutions and services provider in Ethiopia, has selected Cisco’s Routed Optical Networking solution set to launch in the first half of 2021. The Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution, part of Cisco’s overall Converged SDN Transport Architecture, will provide a revolutionary reduction in network cost and simplify management of the network.

Ethiopia’s population of 115 million makes it the second largest in Africa, yet fewer than 270,000 people have fixed broadband internet access. In addition, many businesses are ready to take advantage of high-speed internet, but the infrastructure for widespread adoption hasn’t been available.

Over the past decade, WebSprix has been building the strong information technology infrastructure critical for Ethiopia to achieve robust economic growth. This new solution will significantly expand the reach and services they provide.

The Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution will converge the IP and optical layers into a simpler, more operationally efficient network, granting streamlined planning, design, activation, troubleshooting, and management. Reducing the number of devices in the network enhances resiliency, increases availability, and optimizes fiber capacity.

WebSprix will be the first ISP in Ethiopia to offer high-speed broadband internet access, IPTV, and voice services together. The Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution with the 8000 series routers will enable WebSprix to offer these services at a low cost, while maintaining outstanding customer service.

Websprix’s Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution design will utilize the Cisco 8200 series routers with 400 GbE ZR/ZR+ coherent optics to build a high-speed network backbone that traditionally would have required building and managing a separate optical network. The ZR/ZR+ optics will allow long distance fiber connections to terminate directly on the router without the need for a separate optical layer or a sacrifice in router port density.

“We knew we could trust Cisco both as an innovator and a partner in our success, because of its commitment to bridging the digital divide and leadership in the industry,” said Dawit Birhanu, CEO and Co-founder, WebSprix. “The Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution paired with Cisco 8000 series routers with 400 GbE optics will enable us to build a network that will have a transformational impact on Ethiopia, and serve as a model for connecting the estimated 3.8 billion citizens around the world that are still without access to high-speed internet.”

“As a company, our goal is to hasten global problem solving to benefit people, society, and the planet,” said Bill Gartner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Optical and Optics, Cisco. “It’s truly an honor to see the technology and innovations we create empowering WebSprix to not only improve their business, but also positively influence humanity. As an early adopter of the Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution, WebSprix can continue to help build a stronger information infrastructure in Ethiopia and boost economic growth.”

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