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Cisco and Fundación Peluffo-Giguens Implement Telemedicine Solution in Uruguay

- Aim is to provide remote access to specialists, avoid unnecessary trips by patients and to integrate educational activities in all health disciplines
Jan 17, 2013


Montevideo, Uruguay, January 17, 2013 –  Fundación Peluffo-Giguens announced today the implementation of a telemedicine plan with Cisco® technology to make remote consultations in real time possible among doctors and other health professionals in Uruguay. The Fundación Peluffo-Giguens provides assistance in facilitating transfers and medical aid for people with few resources. The hope is that integrating technology with health services will improve the access to health care institutions and their quality and organizational processes.

In the first phase, two telepresence rooms were installed in the Telemedicine Center's new building: one for consultation and another for teaching.  The first room has a Cisco TelePresence® Profile 52-inch Dual endpoint with a C60 codec, which has a multipoint capacity and allows simultaneous consultations with various centers. In the operator's booth the staff can record videoconferences, implement format conversions, and select signal sources for presentations. In addition, the room has a booth for the eventual installation of a simultaneous translation service for foreign-language communications.  

The teaching room, with capacity of 30 people, is installed in the main plant. The endpoint is similar to the one in the other room, but with some different details:  When used for training purposes, the main screen is 5.25 feet (1.6 meters) wide for projections, supported by two 55-inch LCD screens. The codec is a 6000 MXP, with a Multipoint Control Unit capable of covering up to five remote destinations.

In a second phase, a room will be installed in an auditorium at the building of the Pediatric Hospital of the Centro Hospitalario Pereira-Rossell (CHPR). The endpoint will be similar to those in the other rooms.

"The main objective of the health teams of the capital and interior of the country, through this technology, is to avoid the countless unnecessary trips of patients to Montevideo. Also, there is a wide agreement regarding the need of integrating educational activities and services of all the health disciplines in Montevideo with the hospitals in the interior of the country," said Elisa Martínez Luaces, director of the Telemedicine Center.

"Approximately two years ago we received the proposal from the Fundación Peluffo-Giguens for the creation of the Telemedicine Center to ease the pressure on the families of patients of pediatric oncology, and in all the areas of pediatric and adult medicine. Until today these patients had to travel to Montevideo for study and treatment. Now, all Uruguayans can enjoy this joint effort between Cisco and Fundación Peluffo," said Gustavo Menéndez, director of business transformation in Cisco Latin America.

"The Cisco videoconference equipment was selected because of the company's vast experience in the national territory, where its excellence and reliability are proven.  For this reason, Análisis de Sistemas has offered support without any charge to assure the links at all times," said Ariel Fabius of Analisis de Sistemas, a Cisco Certified Partner.

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