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ENMAX Corporation and Cisco Collaborate on Calgary Smart Grid project

Calgary, Alta. and San Jose, Calif. - March 18, 2010 – ENMAX
Mar 18, 2010

Calgary, Alta. and San Jose, Calif. - March 18, 2010 – ENMAX Corporation and Cisco today announced their collaboration on the development of ENMAX's next-generation utility model to further Calgary's energy management and efficiency goals. The project goals are to advance ENMAX's Smart Grid vision including building energy management, residential energy management, data centre readiness, system security and renewable energy optimization. ENMAX is an integrated utility providing electricity, natural gas, renewable energy and value-added services to over 640,000 metered customers.

"This collaboration on the Smart Grid will be a big step forward in delivering greater energy efficiency in Calgary," said Peter Tertzakian, chief energy economist, ARC Financial Corporation. "Reducing and optimizing electrical power consumption through advances in information technology offers the best dollar leverage in restraining our insatiable appetite for primary fuels and cutting our emissions."

The collaboration with Cisco is the latest development in ENMAX's ongoing initiative to migrate its existing electricity services model into a Utility 2.0 model. The objective of this initiative is to bolster system reliability and security, integrate energy from renewable sources, improve the efficiency, management, and reduction of commercial and residential energy usage, and enable future smart grid developments.

ENMAX and Cisco will work together on technologies to enable automated demand-response management with commercial and industrial customers. These technologies will be the basis for solutions that enable the ENMAX group of companies and their customers to optimize power usage throughout their operations. Cisco will also work with ENMAX to explore the management of distributed generation sources. Furthermore, ENMAX plans to launch a pilot project aimed at equipping some Calgary commercial and industrial customer buildings with Cisco Network Building Mediator.

"Cisco's track record in transforming information technology, as well as its grid security and energy management solutions, will help us implement our Utility 2.0 model to transform energy distribution and consumption for Calgarians," said Helen Bremner, executive vice president, Smart Grid, ENMAX Corporation.

"ENMAX is a forward-thinking utility looking to reinvent operational, environmental and customer priorities through innovative technology," said Laura Ipsen, senior vice president, Smart Grid business unit, Cisco. "We are excited to work with ENMAX to develop an integrated energy management plan. This infrastructure will provide ENMAX with a solid base for reducing customer energy costs and Calgary's carbon footprint." 

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