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Cisco and smart cities: Committed to helping global communities through the power of connectivity

As the needs of cities evolve, we continually reevaluate and transform our product portfolio to meet their needs.
Jan 08, 2021

This is a post by Vikas Butaney, VP and GM, Cisco IoT

Cisco is among the pioneers of the smart city concept over the past 10 years, and we are partnering with cities, communities and governments around the world to reimagine their future to be inclusive, sustainable and securely connected.

The heightened uncertainty we continue to face has people counting on their leaders more than ever to serve their best interests. That’s why cities and communities around the world continue to rely on Cisco to help meet evolving transportation, health, safety and sustainability needs, with the level of trust and security residents expect.

Building smarter cities and communities

Cisco offers secure and scalable digital infrastructure solutions, using smart devices to monitor and manage public assets in ways never imagined before:

We continue to invest in our solutions portfolio, with our recent acquisition of Fluidmesh to extend high-speed, reliable connectivity for rail and port systems, infrastructure to connect cameras and intersections, and the progression of Cisco Cyber Vision to secure critical infrastructure like water systems.

As the needs of cities, communities and governments evolve, we continually reevaluate and transform our product portfolio to meet their needs.  As part of this ongoing assessment, we recently decided to phase out the Cisco Kinetic for Cities product over the next few years.  Together with cities and communities, we will continue to securely connect what’s now and what’s next to power an inclusive future for all.

Our vision for the future

Cisco remains a trusted partner and advisor by addressing society’s most pressing challenges through advanced innovation across transportation and utilities, public safety, education, healthcare and beyond. Key areas of focus include:

  • Cisco’s Country Digital Acceleration program: With projects in 37 countries, we continue to work directly with cities and local governments to help provide secure, high-speed broadband access like we recently announced for residents of Dallas
  • Powering return to work and in-person schooling with secure and robust network and communication offerings
  • Connected Transportation solutions, like in the City of Madrid, including roadways, mass transit, metro and inter-city rail
  • Support for city services, including smart water, smart lighting, smart parking and smart waste, using standards-based technologies
  • Providing reliable communications connections for technologies like FirstNET, to serve the needs of first responders and critical infrastructure in case of emergencies
  • Providing zero trust security architecture with zero touch provisioning for key network elements like PoE switches and cellular routers, along with simplified, secure onboarding of devices like CCTV cameras

Of course, we can’t do this alone. Building smart, inclusive and sustainable communities by unlocking the value of digitization requires great partnership and participation – with all elements of the ecosystem working together. Alongside our unmatched global network of trusted partners, we have the vision, leadership, network and track record to continue moving these projects forward.

Learn more about our solutions related to government, cities, and communities, here - http://cs.co/govportfolio

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