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Cisco Wireless Network Enhances Cargo Management For Real- time Monitoring at Vladivostok Container Terminal

Lanit DV's wireless solution now monitors all movement of containers and transportation
Apr 07, 2009

MOSCOW, Russia - April 7, 2009 - A new Cisco Unified Wireless network has allowed the Vladivostok Container Terminal (VCT) to set up an advanced cargo management system that now monitors all arrivals, departures and movement of containers in real time, as well as register railway, truck and maritime transportation.

The container terminal operations required data transfer through an 802.11g wireless network with full coverage of the VCT territory, high resilience and the shortest possible outages. LANIT DV, a Premier Certified Cisco Partner and an experienced company in wireless network implementation, set up the new Cisco Unified Wireless Network with minimal delay and packet loss in a difficult radio frequency environment, where significant interference is caused by metallic containers piled up to 14 meters high.

"The new system has enhanced business capabilities such as cargo tracking and has exceeded our expectations, with coverage of about 98 percent of our territory," said Sergei Protopovich, CIO, VCT. "The wireless network helped reduce the volume and frequency of radio communications and data entry, accelerating the speed of business and boosting the quality of customer service."

The VCT wireless access network uses Cisco Aironet wireless access points and adaptive monitoring and management systems that offer intelligent wireless network management, transparent integration inside and outside the offices, automatic set up of access points, and more secure outdoor wireless access. The solution uses dynamic algorithms to support automatic tuning, optimization and troubleshooting which is critically important for enabling reliable and secure business applications.

"It is essential that we offer solutions tailored to each customer's unique needs and allow them to be up and running as soon as possible," said Andrei Mushatenko, head of the telecommunications department, LANIT DV. "After benchmarking against alternative solutions, Cisco's solution proved that it could deliver on the high-performance demands of the new management system."

About the Vladivostok Container Terminal

VCT is a major container operator which continuously extends the throughput of existing berths. VCT is located at Kilometer One of the Trans-Siberian Railway which makes it an important transport node linking Russia, CIS and Europe with South-East Asia (Korea, China, Vietnam), North America, as well as Kamchatka, Sakhalin, and Chukotka.


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