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Cisco Introduces New Learning Credits Management Tool Providing Online Access to Training Program Status And Enrollment Data

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 5, 2003 - Cisco Systems, Inc.®
May 05, 2003

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 5, 2003 - Cisco Systems, Inc.® announced today a new and unique Web-based enhancement to its training offerings that supports the Cisco Learning Credits Program. The Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool combined with the newly introduced Learning Credits Program provides customers with an unrivaled ability to review, redeem and administrate training online. The new Learning Credits Management Tool lets customers view credit balances, review account transactions, generate reports and monitor training courses taken by individuals and departments in real-time.

"As companies move forward with their technology initiatives, they need to constantly assess their technical proficiencies," said Lyle Speirs, director of partner development, Worldwide Channels Operations, Cisco Systems. "Working with a Cisco account manager or authorized Cisco Learning Partner, customers can use the new Learning Credits Management Tool to help define their education requirements and then develop a training plan that ensures optimal productivity for workers and resources."

The Cisco Learning Credits Program enables customers to buy training at the same time they purchase Cisco hardware, software or services. By prepaying for training in the form of credits, customers benefit from tremendous flexibility as well as a significant purchase discount. Cisco Learning Credits are redeemable for Cisco based instructor-led training (ILT) courses, e-learning, labs, simulations and customized education programs.

By integrating training at the start of a product or service introduction, Cisco ensures its customers are able to derive the most productive return on their network investment. Beyond the discount customers earn by purchasing learning credits in advance of their use, the credits also allow customers to greatly reduce the costs of administering separate budgets, multiple purchase orders, and expense reimbursements associated with the purchase of training on an ad hoc basis.

The Learning Credits Management Tool provides an unrivaled enhancement to the Learning Credits Program ensuring an efficient and integrated real-time process for managing the purchase, life cycle and dispensation of technical training. The Learning Credits Management Tool is free with the purchase of Cisco Learning Credits. Each Learning Credit pays for US$100 of training from a participating Cisco Learning Partner. Credits are sold in packs of 100, 500 or 1,500, and may be redeemed individually.

Pricing and program information for Cisco Learning Credits are available at