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Chunghwa Telecom selects Cisco Content Delivery Network Technology for Taiwan's First Broadband Enterprise E- Learning System

TAIPEI, Taiwan - November 25, 2002 - Taiwan's leading
Nov 25, 2002

TAIPEI, Taiwan - November 25, 2002 - Taiwan's leading broadband VPN service provider Chunghwa Telecom has chosen Cisco Systems' Content Delivery Network technology for Taiwan's first broadband e-Learning system for enterprises.

The new system, called the hiVideo digital learning system, was launched in conjunction with local key industry players: Learntrend, RhemaTech/eWave 21 and Synchronous Communications. It blends advanced broadband videoconferencing technology with enterprise learning software to create a comprehensive and highly accessible e-Learning environment for corporate users.

"The hiVideo digital learning system is the first e-Learning system designed for Taiwan enterprises," said Mao Chi-kuo, Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom. "Featuring a number of innovative features, it can be reconfigured in line with an individual enterprise's development while creating the learning environment that best meets their requirements."

"We chose Cisco because the company has demonstrated itself as a leader in e-Learning environments. With its content networking portfolio, we are able to address a wide spectrum of needs to accelerate the deployment of e-Learning." added Mao.

Key functions of the hiVideo digital learning system include: live learning, video-on-demand (VOD) instruction, learning management system (LMS), learning portal and database management and network transmission. Enterprises only need an encoded server and audio-visual (AV) equipment to broadcast the content to corporate intranet, home users, partners and customer service centers using the Hi Link IP VPN broadband network.

Based on Chunghwa Telecom's two-way 512 kbps broadband service, the new system features a simple user interface and provides a Web-based architecture for interactive video, voice, teaching materials, tests, online discussions and real-time call-in for teachers. Real-time video, interactive language and writing are easy to use, resulting in effective learning for students. The system also supports live instruction and VOD teaching, which brings maximum flexibility and variety to teaching and learning.

"We are excited to collaborate with Chunghwa Telecom, Learntrend, RhemaTech/eWave 21 and Synchronous Communications in this initiative," said Frankie Sum, north asia managing director of Cisco Systems. "By working together, we can offer the hiVideo digital learning system to help enterprises fully integrate their resources and establish the mechanism for their internal education and training."

Content delivery is a breakthrough technology that allows enterprises to distribute scalable, accelerated, rich Web-based content for e-business and knowledge-sharing applications. Content delivery replicates content to the network edge, minimizing the distance from the point at which content is requested and where it is delivered, in turn enhancing network performance. The technology controls and optimizes bandwidth use, and brings rich media services and applications to the desktop client.

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