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Patientline Chooses Cisco Cable Technology for World's First Hospital Bedside IP Service Network

Network to Provide Entertainment, Communications, and Internet Services to Hospital Beds across the UK
Oct 22, 2002

Networkers, Copenhagen, October 22, 2002 - Cisco Systems today announced that Patientline, the leading UK-based provider of NHS entertainment and communications services, has chosen the Cisco uBR7111 Cable Modem Termination System (CMTS) to deliver advanced IP-based services to hospital beds throughout the UK. Patientline's system will bring television, e-mail, voice, and high-speed Internet service to an estimated 13,000 bedside entertainment units in 25 National Health Service hospitals throughout the UK.

Patientline is deploying this advanced IP-based network on the back of in response to an innovative government initiative to install a bedside entertainment, television, radio and telephone system for every NHS bed by the end of 2003.

Patientline provides integrated services via bedside units incorporating LCD television, radio, telephone, answer phone, speaker and headphones, along with a payment card reader for all services. Through the bedside unit, patients can access a variety of entertainment services, including television, movies, radio, games and audio books internet and email. Patients can also make and receive telephone calls using a personal extension number.

"We believe this groundbreaking program is the first of its kind in the world," said Philip Rushby, IT Director, Patientline UK Ltd. "The Cisco uBR7111 helps enables us to deliver two-way IP-based services, including e-mail, Internet access and voice to each bedside in a very cost-effective manner."

In the future, the system will help to replace the traditional doctor's clipboard with a more efficient means of viewing and administering patient records at the bedside. With high-speed data access, doctors and nurses will be able to use the Patientline bedside unit to access and input patient medical records and data with state of the art security, including test results, X-rays, prescriptions, and treatments.

"Selecting the Cisco uBR7111 gives Patientline the assurance that they can classify high-priority traffic and have optimized capabilities for it to be transported accordingly - a critical element of service for the health sector," said Paul Gainham, Broadband and Routing Product Manager, Cisco Systems, EMEA. "This is a prime example of how organisations can utilise existing standard cable infrastructure to create a simplified network without incurring costly changes to existing buildings, or in areas where recabling is problematic."

Patientline is currently deploying the Euro-DOCSIS (Data Over Cable Services Interface Specification)-qualified Cisco uBR7111 Universal Broadband Router in each hospital location to provide head end CMTS capabilities and terminate connections from the bedside units. In addition, Patientline is using the Cisco 1603 Series Router to provide Wide Area Network connectivity to the Patientline IP backbone network.

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