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Balfour Collegiate and the Cisco Networking Academy Program Win the 2002 Training for Excellence Award

Saskatchewan Labour Force Development Board recognizes successful Educational Partnership
Jun 05, 2002

REGINA, SK - June 5, 2002 -The Saskatchewan Labour Force Development Board today announced thatBalfour Collegiate, a part of the Regina Public School Division, inpartnership with the Cisco Networking Academy Program has been chosento receive the 2002 Training for Excellence Award for EducationalPartnerships.

"Saskatchewan's greatest asset is thequality of our workforce. It is important to recognize thecontributions of organizations that invest in the development of ourpeople,' said Ross Kennedy, Business Co-chair, the Saskatchewan LabourForce Development Board. "The Cisco Networking Academy at BalfourCollegiate is an excellent example of an educational partnership thatbenefits students by preparing them for jobs and further education inthe IT industry.'

Created by industry andcommunity-based organizations, the Training for Excellence Awardssupport and recognize organizations that are developing Saskatchewan'sworkforce. The Educational Partnership Category recognizes educationalpartnerships including activities such as mentorships, cooperative workexperiences, internships, and training consortia, as well as theongoing cooperation between business and education.

"TheCisco Networking Academy is about teaching our students new skills sothey can help business and industry build the Internet infrastructurein Saskatchewan,' said Ken Meredith, Cisco Networking AcademyInstructor at Balfour Collegiate. "Having Cisco Systems as a partnerallows the education system to remain leaders in technologyadvancement. The Networking Academy Program provides the type oftraining that is critical to students who want develop their IT andnetworking skills to compete in today's knowledge-based economy.'

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is currently offered in more than330 high schools, colleges, technical institutes and universitiesacross Canada. The Program employs an e-learning model, using acombination of web-based, instructor-led learning and hands-onexercises to teach students networking and information technologyskills. For additional information about the Cisco Networking Academyprogram in Canada please visit

"We are proud to be recognized with the 2002 Training for ExcellenceAward for Educational Partnerships with Balfour Collegiate for theNetworking Academy Program,' said Lorna Carlson, Area Academy Managerfor Cisco Systems Canada. "The Networking Academy program preparesSaskatchewan's students for the 21st Century workplace, while servingas a valuable model for public-private educational partnerships.'

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