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Cisco Systems Canada wins 2002 National Award for Learning Technologies in the Workplace

CALGARY, Alberta - May 8, 2002 - Cisco Systems, the
May 08, 2002

CALGARY, Alberta - May 8, 2002 - Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, has been selected as one of three national award winners for the 2001-2002 National Awards for Learning Technologies in the Workplace. Designed to recognize achievement in employee learning through effective use of communications technologies, The National Awards for Learning Technologies in the Workplace is supported by the Office of Learning Technologies, Human Resources Development Canada and coordinated by The Conference Board of Canada.

"This award recognizes the profound impact e-learning has made at Cisco Systems. E-learning solutions have enabled us to develop and deploy customized online training programs quickly and effectively to employees and partners around the world, on an anytime, anywhere basis," said Holly Copestick, National E-Learning Solutions Manager, Cisco Systems Canada. "Ultimately, e-learning drives productivity, performance and competitive advantage. It delivers superior learning at reduced costs; increases access to learning; and offers clear accountability for all participants in the learning process," added Copestick.

The winners of the Learning Technologies in the Workplace award were announced at the Partners 2002: Linking Education and Innovation Symposium and Showcase in Calgary, Alberta. At this event, winners showcased their e-learning initiatives at the symposium. Winners will also receive recognition in the 2002 Business and Education IdeaBook, as well as promotion and evaluation through case studies published by the Conference Board. The other award winners were SaskTel, the leading full service communications company in Saskatchewan, and Hafner Inc., which provides its employees with digitized training in the textile manufacturing process.

E-learning at Cisco: Turning change into a competitive advantage

"At Cisco, we believe e-learning is a revolutionary way to empower a workforce with the skills and knowledge it needs to turn change into an advantage," said Copestick.

Cisco's e-learning strategy has significantly contributed to the increased productivity of its field sales organization by providing anytime, anywhere access to critical information and training tools that develop the knowledge and skills of its field sales force and systems engineers. Cisco has Web-enabled 90 percent of its sales and technical training.

On average, Cisco's Field E-Learning Connection gets more than 125,000 page views per month, reflecting 100 per cent e-learning usage in the Cisco field sales organization. As a result, field sales readiness is now more efficient, more timely and more relevant to a constantly changing environment. By using the Field E-Learning Connection, Cisco has:

  • reduced field training costs by 40 to 60 percent;
  • freed the sales force to spend 40 percent more quality 'face time' with customers;
  • and empowered the sales force to take advantage of rapid access to the latest information on new Cisco products and evolving technologies.

In Canada, Cisco Systems is determined to help business leaders realize the full potential of e-learning. In April 2001, Cisco Systems Canada launched the world's first Cisco Systems E-Learning Centre of Excellence. Located in downtown Toronto, this innovative facility allows executive teams to participate in customized, hands-on workshops led by Cisco e-learning experts. To learn more about the Cisco Systems E-Learning Centre of Excellence, visit

To learn more about e-learning at Cisco, visit