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Sripatum University Prepares for Internet Age e-learning With Next- Generation Cisco Network

Datacraft appointed to expand SPUNet system
May 16, 2001

BANGKOK, Thailand -- 16 May 2001 -- Sripatum University has appointed Cisco Systems Thailand and Datacraft (Thailand) Limited, to expand its SPUnet network with next-generation Cisco equipment and prepare the university for e-learning applications across its campuses. The network solution combines the network systems integration expertise of Datacraft with industry-leading products and technologies from Cisco Systems.

"In order to develop the university's management system, Sripatum University has deployed the state-of-art networking for two main purposes – first to reinforce cooperation and efficienciency between departments and faculties and second, to integrate all the various databases together on SPUnet and enable them to be used both within and among campuses," said Mrs. Rutchaneeporn Pookayaporn Phukkamarn, President of Sripatum University.

"In addition, we found that the demand for Internet and intranet access has been increasing among our professors, officers and students, which is why we are upgrading the University's backbone network from 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet to 1,000 Mbps Gigabit Ethernet speeds over a high-speed fiber optic cable. We will be using a combination of routers and layer 3 switches as well as Quality of Service (QoS) management to maximize bandwidth usage even more. Sripatum University is committed to enhancing education with the latest innovations in information technology so that our students for example will be able to enjoy faster connections to global academic resources, online libraries, research institutions as well as other educational bodies."

Mrs Rutchaneeporn added that Datacraft (Thailand) Limited was selected for the SPUnet expansion because it had displayed impressive product knowledge and expertise which was evident through its ability to attain the highest certifiable level of Cisco product knowledge – the Cisco Gold Partner. Datacraft had also shown that it could provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for the University.

The network equipment used in SPUNet include the Cisco3600 series multiservice access routers, which data, voice video, hybrid dial access, virtual private networks (VPNs), and multiprotocol data routing; the Catalyst 6000 switches, which are designed to address the requirements for gigabit scalability, high-availability, and multilayer switching in backbone/distribution and server-aggregation environments; the Catalyst 2948G Gigabit Ethernet switch; and the AS5300 universal access server which enables consistent high-density connectivity for subscribers and telecommuters connecting to the Internet and corporate intranets.

"We are pleased to be entrusted with the implementation of SPUNet. We have a team of the highest qualified Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) engineers working round the clock to see the success of the project from start to completion, " said Mr. Somchart Kanha, General Manager, Datacraft (Thailand) Limited.

"In addition, Datacraft provides premium post-sales services including comprehensive spares and replacement parts, as well as a sophisticated customer service management system that can effectively issue trouble tickets, track and resolve network faults once detected," Mr. Kanha added.

"Cisco Systems has a long history of involvement in the academic community and we are especially honored to be part of SPUNet. The Internet and education are the two great equalizers in life and when combined will be a powerful enabler for the improvement of our economy. Today, over 70 million people around the world are using the Internet for education and in the near future, every training course on earth will be delivered over the Internet without limitations of time and place. Cisco is dedicated to bringing the benefits of both the Internet and e-learning to individuals, businesses and governments around the world," said Mr. Vorkon Patra-Yanan, Managing Director, Cisco Systems (Thailand) Limited.

About Sripatum University

Sripatum University was one of the first private universities in Thailand. It was founded on the 28th of May, 1970 by Dr. Sook Pookayaporn. There are 2 main capuses—Chonburi campus and Bangkhen campus, and 1 Payathai sub-campus. The university's target is to produce quality graduates in accordance with the university motto, "intellectual, cheerful, skilled and ethical." At present, the university offers 15 courses with 25 subjects at undergraduate level and 6 courses with 10 subjects at postgraduate level. There are ten faculties, namely the Graduate School and the faculties of Law, Business Administration, Accounting, Communication arts, Liberal Arts, Economics, Engineering, Informatics and Architecture.

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