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President Ricardo Lagos, Cisco and the Cisco Learning Institute Signs Agreement of Technological Cooperation to Improve Education in Chile

On November 29th, John Chambers and Chilean President
Dec 02, 2000

On November 29th, John Chambers and Chilean President Ricardo Lagos signed an agreement of technological cooperation for education between the Government of Chile, Cisco Systems, and the Cisco Learning Institute.

As part of the agreement:

  • The Cisco Learning Institute (CLI) will provide the Chilean government with a Web-based e-Learning solution that will support the exchange of educational content over the Internet for the training and professional development of Chilean educators. Web-based educational material will allow students access and opportunity to life long learning. In addition, the CLI will train Government designated instructors on how to use the e-Learning solution.
  • To support this effort, Cisco Learning Institute (CLI) will provide training on how to use the tool set to trainers designated by the Chilean government. In order to enhance the Chilean governments ability to develop and use e-learning effectively, Cisco will host two representatives of the Ministry of Education of Chile at Ciscos facilities in San Jose. They will meet with Ciscos Worldwide Education Group and Internet Learning Solutions Group to learn more about e-learning solutions and state-of-the-art Internet technology for education. In follow-up meetings with Cisco, they will analyze ways on how the Internet can improve education and continues to evolve.

    This agreement is part of a strong commitment by Cisco to use the Internet and e-Learning solutions to improve education in Chile. Since 1998, the company has supported different initiatives in order to create IT professionals -- including a networking post-degree at Universidad de Chile and the Cisco Networking Academy launched in Chile in June.

    The signing of the agreement was part of the Chilean presidents visit to Ciscos headquarters in Silicon Valley during his official trip to the region.

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