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Cisco Systems Canada and the Software Human Resource Council Prepare Students for the Internet Economy

Cisco's Networking Academy Program to become part of the Software Human Resource Council's Information Technology Program
Nov 25, 1999

TORONTO, ON - November 25, 1999 - Cisco Systems Canada and the Software Human Resource Council (SHRC) today announced an alliance, giving SHRC the right to offer the Cisco Networking Academy Program as a part of the its Information Technology Professional Program (ITP).

Adding Cisco's Networking Academy curriculum to the ITP Program, prepares ITP graduates to take the Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) exam by teaching them the necessary networking concepts. By ensuring they have the networking skills necessary to compete in the Internet economy, CCNA certification will position ITP graduates ahead of graduates from other IT programs, when it comes to competing for job openings in the IT industry.

The ITP program is offered to graduate students at seven colleges and universities across Canada, the only program to offer national certification and a recognized site certificate. It is a full-time twelve-month interactive learning experience that includes a three-month work term. The ITP program was created in response to industry demands for skilled workers with business acumen and technological know-how. The hands-on emphasis of the program teaches students to keep abreast of changing industry trends and adapt to changing requirements, rather than focus only on the "hot" skill set of the day.

"It's wonderful to work with an industry leader like Cisco to create a holistic learning opportunity for students," said Angela Chong, ITP director of operations at SHRC. "The ITP program has always provided sophisticated knowledge of cutting edge technologies, hardware support and network management. The Networking Academy Program will enhance our curriculum by enabling students to focus on the physical network architecture as well."

In addition to the Networking Academy curriculum and other technical essentials, the ITP curriculum teaches students project management, business and organizational effectiveness and interpersonal skills. Through a business simulation, ITP students work on several IT-related projects as if they were employees of an actual company. The Cisco Networking Academy Program curriculum will be included in the first, second and fourth quarters of the ITP Program. For more information on the ITP program please visit the ITP web site at:

The Cisco Networking Academy Program is a four-semester program based on the principles and practice of designing, building, and maintaining networks capable of supporting national and global organizations. Curriculum provides basic networking skills such as pulling cable, through advanced networking skills including subnet masking rules and strategies.

This worldwide education program is designed to provide high school and college students with the skills necessary to fill some of the estimated 30,000 high technology jobs currently available throughout Canada.

"There aren't enough skilled workers to meet the demands of high tech companies in Canada. As the market leader in the Internet, we felt we needed to take a new approach to help solve this problem," said Pierre-Paul Allard, general manager, Cisco Systems Canada Co. "The Cisco Networking Academy Program enables students to learn essential, transferable skills needed by the high tech industry."

Since the launch of the program in Canada in June 1998, approximately 89 schools/colleges are involved in Canada. On November 10, 1999, the curriculum was launched in Quebec and in French Canada and is being offered at seven CEGEPs.

For additional information about the Cisco Systems Networking Academy Program in Canada please visit our web site at:

About SHRC

The Software Human Resource Council (SHRC) is a non-profit sectoral council that speaks for software professionals throughout the Canadian economy. SHRC is a catalyst for change, pushing for innovations that will provide labour market intelligence, life-long career development and quality education and training for Canadians active in software fields. We seek out products and business opportunities that assist Canadian industry to develop the quantity and quality of software professionals needed to maintain and improve Canada's position as a leader in the global marketplace. Established in 1992 to address the human resource needs of the Canadian software sector, SHRC is a model for similar sectoral councils in other parts of the world. SHRC's vision is to have Canada recognized as the best place in the world to develop software and establish a software business.

SHRC is striving together with its partners to encourage young Canadians to consider the exciting world of software careers as a future option. It promotes national standards and certification such as Cisco Systems' CCNA, as well as the concept of life-long learning as being key to life-long success.

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About Cisco Systems Canada Co.

Cisco Systems - with $12 billion (US) in revenues and over 19,000 employees - is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Established in 1990, Cisco Systems Canada employs over 380 Canadians and is headquartered in Toronto, with field sales and service offices across the country. In addition, Cisco also has a state-of-the-art development centre in Kanata, ON - focusing on the development of optical internetworking solutions to build the next generation of the Internet backbone.

The Internet is changing the way people work, live, learn and play - and Cisco Systems Canada is a primary agent of this change and a compelling example of the power of this revolution. By widely deploying business solutions based on the Internet, Cisco Systems saves over $500 million (US) per year in operating costs, has grown revenues by 100% in two years and has increased customer satisfaction at the same time. Cisco produces networking solutions for enterprise organizations, service providers and small/emerging businesses.

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