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SingTel to Enable Enterprise Cloud-Based Virtual Data Centre Offering With VCE

Cisco Press Release

SINGAPORE – 13 September, 2010 – Cisco and EMC with VMware today announced that SingTel will introduce enterprise cloud-based virtual data centre services in Singapore with technology from VCE, the Virtual Computing Environment coalition created by Cisco, EMC and VMware. The cloud-based services, scheduled to be available later in the year, will enable enterprise customers to operate their businesses more efficiently by ensuring IT resources are available when the business needs them, and eliminate the time and cost of investing in additional infrastructure as demands for IT services grow.

Cloud computing brings together the best elements of information management, next-generation networks, high-performance computing and systems management to redefine how information technology is deployed, while the private cloud is an enterprise-strength model designed to give organizations flexibility and more control and security over their computing environments.

"Cloud computing enables IT to be more responsive to the business and provides unmatched flexibility in how to deploy IT services to the organization. Today's announcement with SingTel underscores the momentum for this new delivery model as customers realize the benefits of cloud computing based on Vblock integrated technology," said Blake Salle, vice president of Worldwide Partner and Channels, VCE.

"This is a landmark announcement in Singapore and addresses our customers' greatest challenges and opportunities in the data centre. With the announcements of the VCE Coalition and Acadia in late 2009, we have seen massive global interest from customers that would like to work with Cisco, EMC and VMware. A journey to an IT cloud infrastructure requires changes both in the technology and the operations of a business. As more companies realize what a cloud infrastructure could mean for the agility of their business, the more they are realizing that it will need to be built differently. We are excited to work with SingTel as a central link in the value chain of high-value service delivery," said Edzard Overbeek, president for Cisco in Asia Pacific and Japan.

"The VCE coalition is setting the stage for a new way of designing, building, managing and consuming information technology, putting within easy reach considerable business benefits and cost advantages for all end-user customers. As a leading service provider in the region, SingTel is building on the strength and innovation capabilities of the VCE coalition to accelerate their enterprise cloud service offerings. This is an exciting time to be partnering with SingTel as the industry recognizes that cloud computing is a journey that all businesses, large or small, can eventually take," said Steven Leonard, president of EMC Corp. in Asia Pacific & Japan.

"This collaborative partnership cements the viability of an interoperable enterprise-class public cloud model. Working with SingTel, VMware, as part of the VCE coalition, is making enterprise-class public cloud services available to organisations across the Asia Pacific Region as they strive towards the goal of delivering IT as a service. This agreement will offer businesses agility, security, compliance, high-level service benefits and confidence in enterprise cloud services," said Andrew Dutton, senior vice president and general manager, VMware Asia Pacific Japan.

"As the leading provider of cloud-based virtual data centre services in Asia Pacific, SingTel is excited to work with industry leaders in the VCE coalition to offer world-class cloud-computing services.  Through this service, we will enable businesses to increase their agility, improve productivity, drive growth and yet lower their operating costs.  With this partnership, SingTel can help enterprises in Asia Pacific to extend their private cloud resources into our trusted and secured hybrid cloud solutions.  This allows our customers to scale much more cost-effectively and flexibly in supporting their business needs.  By providing world-class cloud computing and virtual data centre services without heavy upfront costs and complexities, we give our customers a vital competitive edge," said Bill Chang, SingTel's executive vice president of Business Group.

As a SingTel Optus pilot customer, Curtin University in Australia trialled the solution to improve the productivity of its IT staff.  The solution provided Curtin with the flexibility to rapidly provision new infrastructure to meet any sudden need for increased capacity, as well as scale down when the resources are no longer required.

SingTel's new cloud-based services will be available to customers in the region later in the year.