Pruszkow Goes Wireless With Support From Cisco and BT

Polish City to Deliver New and Enhanced Services to Residents and Visitors

PRUSZKOW, Poland - June 18, 2010 - Cisco, together with BT and the municipality of Pruszkow, launched the Wireless City initiative in Pruszkow, a town near Warsaw, the Polish capital.

Wireless City, based on a wireless mesh infrastructure and modeled on similar projects delivered by BT in the U.K., provides local inhabitants as well as visitors with a free Internet connection, a so-called social Internet.  Wireless City will also play a key role in the Pruszkow administration's plans to introduce a variety of e-government initiatives.

Key Facts / Highlights:

  • During the first phase, 46 Wi-Fi access points will be installed in the center of the town, making this the largest wireless mesh deployment in terms of the number of access points in Poland so far.
  • The new infrastructure is opening up many new ways to manage and deliver services to local inhabitants as well as visitors and public sector workers. It will help improve general information services for visitors and tourists, provide easier access to e-services for citizens, and help enhance security in the town through the deployment of portable closed-circuit cameras.
  • The Cisco Wireless Mesh networking solution is a cost-effective way to build and manage highly secure city-wide outdoor Wi-Fi networks. The solution provides intelligent wireless routing, creating dynamic wireless links between access points, thus eliminating the need for a wired network connection to each access point. The network is pre-programmed to self-optimize and self-heal, minimizing deployment and management costs.
  • An integral part of the project is a dedicated, highly secure, integrated voice and data network connecting municipality offices. This will help enable the municipality to improve communications between departments, introduce new services to citizens, and achieve significant cost savings. All components of the network are expected to be in place by September 2010.
  • BT was selected to deliver the project in a public tender.

Supporting  Quotes:

  • Pawel Karlowski, general manager, BT Central and Eastern Europe:
  • "This project represents a major milestone for BT in Poland as it brings one of the most innovative concepts of wireless Internet to the municipality of Pruszkow. It opens a new chapter in harnessing the power of the Internet to provide for better access to information and services for citizens as well as the town's visitors."

  • Pawel Malak, general manager, Cisco Poland
  • "I am pleased that the city of Pruszkow shares our vision of the importance of a digital infrastructure for building 21st-century cities. We see a clear trend both in Poland and internationally of cities being transformed into connected communities, using technology in many different ways: to offer e-services, introduce intelligent transport management systems, and improve education, health care and incident response."

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