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MagtiCom Launches First Mobile WiMAX Service in Georgia with Cisco End-to-End Solution

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All Major Cities to Receive Broadband Services This Year

TBILISI, Georgia, February 9, 2009 - Cisco today announced that Georgian mobile operator MagtiCom launched its Mobile WiMAX services using the end-to-end Cisco® Broadband Wireless Solution.

MagtiCom is deploying a Cisco Internet Protocol Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) that integrates mobile voice and WiMAX services into a single converged network. MagtiCom is currently offering broadband Internet via WiMAX in the capital, Tbilisi, as well as in nine major cities across the country. By the end of 2009, the operator is planning to cover all key cities and regional centers of Georgia with WiMAX broadband services.

"MagtiCom is dedicated to bringing the latest technological standards in the Internet space to Georgia. The service we are launching is not only the country's first WiMAX offering but also the fastest Internet connection available in Georgia to date," said MagtiCom's CEO David Lee. "Cisco was able to offer an end-to-end Mobile WiMAX solution based on its proven IP NGN architecture. This creates a solid platform for delivering multiple services over our converged IP infrastructure while positioning us for rapid growth in the future."

MagtiCom is offering WiMAX-based mobile Internet to both business and residential customers and is planning to deploy additional services such as residential voice over IP (VoIP) and managed voice/ virtual private network (VPN) for business customers.

As the lead systems integrator, the Cisco Advanced Services team supported MagtiCom through all phases of the project, including requirements planning, end-to-end network design for radio frequency and IP components, implementation, and overall program management. Greennet, a Cisco Certified Partner, was responsible for on-site services, such as site survey, drive testing and network optimization.

"In a country like Georgia, with a mountainous terrain and a low penetration of copper and optical wireline networks, wireless solutions are virtually the only way to help eliminate the digital divide. MagtiCom's new Cisco WiMAX network will help create an environment of digital inclusion for citizens," said Kaan Terzioglu, Cisco's vice president for Europe East. "WiMAX is an ideal technology for providing vast territories with mobile Internet access. Citizens and companies across Georgia can now enjoy the benefits of connectivity, be it for business, education, health care or new online services."

Cisco Broadband Wireless is an end-to-end IP Next-Generation network architecture providing Mobile WiMAX access with advanced beamforming technologies that maximize coverage and penetration while minimizing the number of cell sites required to deliver high-quality services even deep indoors or in difficult terrain.

Cisco's Broadband Wireless Solution is based on the Mobile WiMAX Profile-C Network Reference Model, which defines an open, standards-based interface between radio base stations and the packet gateways that support them, allowing operators to mix products from different vendors if they choose.

The solution incorporates the Cisco Broadband Wireless Gateway (BWG), Cisco 7600 Series Routers, Cisco BWX 8300 and 2300 Series Broadband Wireless Access Systems and Cisco Desktop Client Equipment.

The Cisco BWG delivers highly advanced functionality, service control and performance in a highly scalable, fault-tolerant package for the emerging WiMAX-based broadband wireless market. Integrated into the Cisco 7600 Series Router, the Cisco BWG uses the high-capacity parallel processing of the Cisco Service Application Module for IP (SAMI) to help deliver broadband wireless at access speeds previously available only with wireline access networks. The Cisco BWX 8305 and 2305 are class-leading, certified WiMAX base stations and antennas that feature advanced radio-frequency techniques such as adaptive beamforming to reduce service provider capital and operating expenses.

About MagtiCom

Mobile communications company MagtiCom Ltd was commercially launched in September 1997. It is owned by US-based companies International Telcell Cellular LLC and Telcell Wireless LLC. The MagtiCom network covers over 97% of the populated territory of Georgia. MagtiCom commenced operating on 900 MHz frequency band. In November 1999, it became the first GSM operator in Georgia to move to the dual-band system - GSM 900/1800 MHz. In 2006, MagtiCom launched third generation services along with the full range of GSM ones. Through its three brands Magti, Bali and Magti Fix, MagtiCom now renders service to one million nine hundred thousand customers. For more information, visit: