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Cisco Enhances the Mobile Collaboration Experience with the iPhone

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Cisco Brings Business Collaboration to the AppStore with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco Unified Communications

January 6, 2009, 1:00pm Pacific time

Cisco is extending its SaaS and premises-based collaboration applications to the Apple iPhone 3G to deliver an unparalleled mobile collaboration experience.

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  • Out of the office or on the move no longer means out of the loop. Cisco is extending its web conferencing and collaboration capabilities to the Apple iPhone 3G user experience, with Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace.
  • The new Cisco WebEx meetings iPhone application, which is available for free download from the AppStore, allows users to simply click to join and actively collaborate in CiscoWebEx meetings. With Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application on the iPhone, users can view what's being shared, see the meeting participant list, see the active speaker and chat with other meeting participants.
  • The online meeting experience gives users the ability to take advantage of simultaneous web and audio conferencing capabilities from Cisco on both the 3G mobile and 802.11 wireless (Wi-Fi) networks. The solution supports multiple telephony configurations including SaaS-based telephony from Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, premises-based telephony from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, or telephony from Cisco's service provider partners. The download is free from the AppStore. Users need to have current subscriptions to the WebEx services to schedule or host a meeting.
  • A future version of the solution will include Cisco WebEx Meeting Center as well as the ability to see meeting participants and the active speaker from Cisco Unified MeetingPlace. Users will be able to move in-session Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace conferences from the Apple iPhone 3G to an office environment and back, by transferring the audio to a Cisco Unified IP Phone and the web conference to a computer for a rich collaboration experience.

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  • "The Apple iPhone with Cisco's WebEx technology capabilities makes a simple, but very powerful interface," said Dan Burrier, chief creative officer and co-president, Ogilvy West. "This kind of capability on a mobile device changes everything. Another perceptual barrier to using the iPhone for business has just fallen. Now it's in the mainstream, exploding outwards, and expanding business productivity."
  • "Three trends are disrupting past assumptions on how people interact with collaborative applications," said Mike Gotta, principal analyst at Burton Group. "First, a person's consumer computing experience will increasingly determine their mobile device preference. Second, maturing network and platform capabilities of mobile devices will make it easier to deliver new levels of application functionality. Third, the idea of 'where I am is where I work' will change the design point - and demand for - collaborative tools such as web conferencing."
  • "This solution highlights Cisco's commitment to bringing business productivity to the user in their preferred environment," said June Bower, vice president of marketing for Cisco's WebEx Technology Group. "When a powerful collaboration solution is combined with an elegant user experience, and a choice of device, businesses and users both win."

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