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Date/Time Stamp: December 18, 2008

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  •, the Web TV channel for environmental films, has launched a content collaboration with Cisco. Cisco has created its own channel on the platform.
  • The channel launches with a series of films focused on Cisco's Connected Urban Development initiative, which looks at how to reduce carbon emissions through improvements in the efficiency of the urban infrastructure made possible by information and communications technology (ICT) such as Cisco® TelePresence. Future programs will focus on creating sustainable cities, virtual collaboration, mobility solutions and smart energy solutions.
  • has partnerships with some of the world's leading environmental organisations, including the United Nations Environment Programme and Greenpeace. The channel carries more than 1,000 green films, all available on demand

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Cisco, Connected Urban Development,, environment, sustainability, TelePresence

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    Ade Thomas, Founder and CEO

    "Collaborating with Cisco is a relationship with real synergy: is the leading online TV channel for environmental films and Cisco has taken a firm lead in using information technology to transform how the world approaches environmental challenges."

    Neil Harris, Business and Sustainability Development manager, Cisco Europe

    "Cisco is committed to a high level of environmental responsibility in its business operations, culture, products and architectural design. Cisco also is in a unique position to use its technology to help arrest, and potentially reverse, the climate trend. Through the intersection of the physical network and the human network, we can empower people to live, work, learn and play in a more environmentally sustainable way."

Embedded Videos, Images and Podcasts:

  • Connected Urban Development Film
  • Interviews

  • Nicola Villa, Cisco Global Director, Connected Urban Development, Internet Business Solutions Group
  • Professor Michael Braungart, author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
  • Chris Dedicoat, Cisco, Senior Vice President of European
  • Professor Bill St Arnaud, Chief Research Officer of Canada's Advanced Network Organization (CANARIE)
  • Bas Boorsma, Head of Connected Urban Development for Cisco
  • Professor Alan Rodger, British Antarctic

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