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Social Media Release: Customers Confirm Value of Windows Server on WAAS from Cisco and Microsoft

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October 1, 2008

Highlights / Key Facts:

  • New video highlights Cisco and Microsoft customers and channel partners confirming the value of the integrated Microsoft Windows Server 2008 on Cisco's Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) network appliance which is now available.
  • The Windows Server on WAAS improves the remote-office user experience of centralized applications through Cisco WAN optimization technology and helps customers lower IT costs by reducing the number of Windows-based physical servers required in remote offices.
  • The Cisco WAAS wide-area network (WAN) optimization appliance offers virtualization capabilities for hosting Windows services in branch office environments.
  • Windows Server on WAAS was developed by Cisco and Microsoft and is supported by both companies.

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Video on demand: Cisco, Microsoft video with customer commentary

Cisco, Microsoft video with customer commentary

Cisco and Microsoft discuss Windows Server on WAAS.
Left to right: Mark Weiner, Bill Hilf, and Paul McNab.

  • Introduction by Mark Weiner, director of Marketing for Data Center, Cisco
  • Cisco, Microsoft collaboration overview by Paul McNab, vice president of Enterprise Marketing for Cisco
  • Customer benefit highlights by Bill Hilf, general manager of Windows Server Marketing and Platform Strategy, Microsoft
  • Industry analyst perspective by Peter Christy, principal at Internet Research Group
  • Customer and partner comments:
    • Paul Stephens, global head of Networks, Sony Ericsson
    • Jim Curtis, director of Infrastructure, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America
    • Steve Howarth, product manager, Cable & Wireless
    • Ettienne Reinecke, group chief technology officer, Dimension Data

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Customer Quotes:

  • "As a strong Cisco and Microsoft shop we're comfortable with the idea of running Windows on a Cisco box. Our lab experience so far with Windows Server on WAAS has met all of our expectations. And given it is jointly supported by Cisco and Microsoft, we know any issues would be quickly resolved with coordination between vendors."
    --Jim Curtis, director of Infrastructure, Farm Credit Services of Mid-America
  • "Cisco and Microsoft collaboration is all about strategic partnering that allows Monsanto to move forward and connect our employees. This collaboration between two of my top vendors is absolutely exciting as it allows me to focus on delivering value to the business, while performing less integration of technology."
    -- Mark Showers, CIO, Monsanto Co.

Partner Quotes:

  • "Our clients are very excited about jointly developed and validated technology from two of their strategic vendors. Combining Windows Server with Cisco WAN optimization on a single platform drives down cost and increases performance, ensuring today's network-enabled business operations can deliver value.
    -- Ettienne Reinecke, group CTO, Dimension Data
  • "With any new solution our customers demand a stable platform, with proven technology, proven market experience driven by people and process they can trust. Having extensively tested Windows Server on WAAS, we know it's a stable environment. And having worked with both Cisco and Microsoft development and support teams, we know we can rely on their expertise."
    --Steve Howarth, product manager, Cable & Wireless

Analyst Quotes:

  • "Windows Server on WAAS integrates key product offerings from two of the most important strategic IT vendors. It reflects a very meaningful partnership between Cisco and Microsoft and their joint commitment to their many mutual customers."
    -- Peter Christy, co-founder, Internet Research Group

Executive Quotes:

  • "This is a first-of-a kind offering where a customer can now run Windows Server on a multipurpose network appliance from Cisco, the same way they would run Windows Server on a physical server but with much lower operating costs. In the past few months, both companies have worked really hard as a team and we are excited to announce that Windows Server on WAAS is now shipping."
    -- Paul McNab, vice president of Enterprise Marketing, Cisco
  • "Both Cisco and Microsoft are focused on solutions that benefit our mutual customers. Coming together to address branch office challenges is a natural and logical fit that aligns with both companies' business goals."
    -- Bill Hilf, general manager of Windows Server Marketing and Platform Strategy, Microsoft

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