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Cisco Presents the Human Network Effect Campaign

Cisco Press Release

Marketing Campaign Continues to Pioneer Use of Web 2.0 Tools

September 22, 2008

Highlights / Facts

    The Human Network Effect

  • Today, Cisco launched "The Human Network Effect," the second phase of its global "Welcome to the Human Network" brand campaign.
  • This new phase demonstrates the real business and social benefits of people coming together using Cisco® technology and illustrates the impact of using the full power of the network.
  • The campaign is focused on highlighting seven Network Effects that are transforming the way we live using collaborative technologies: the New Collaboration Effect, the Break Down Barriers Effect, the Save More, Travel Less Effect, the Power When You Need It Effect, the Launch Products Faster Effect, the Save the Planet Effect and the Knowledge Is Power Effect.
  • The introduction of the Human Network Effect campaign kicks off a week of global events, activities and product launches to introduce the next phase of the Human Network story.

Key Theme

    Marketing in a Web 2.0 world

  • Cisco believes the second phase of the Internet will fundamentally transform the way businesses, communities and individuals work, live, play and learn.
  • This new era is characterized by an enhanced ability to collaborate enabled by Web 2.0 tools that help organizations and individuals achieve dramatic productivity gains.
  • Cisco's business model, which focuses on global collaboration, uses tools and technologies such as Cisco WebEx® and Cisco TelePresence to enable face-to-face meetings and real-time communications without requiring participants to be in the same room. For example:
    • Over the past two years, many of Cisco's 65,000+ employees have used the 269 TelePresence units deployed worldwide in 37 countries to conduct more than 27,000 meetings and have avoided costly business travel.

  • The Internet is changing the way people consume media, communicate and interact. No longer focused solely on television or print, consumers are increasingly moving online for more personalized news and entertainment.
  • Communications and marketing must evolve to remain relevant in this new, open, collaborative, community-driven environment, and Cisco's new Human Network Effect campaign is a prime example of this evolution.
  • Cisco's collaboration technologies have played an essential role in campaign planning and global rollout. Human Network Effect discussion forums were created for employees to share successes, give feedback and generate new ideas for the campaign.
  • Cisco has continued to evolve its external marketing strategy to align with the Human Network Effect. For example:
    • Cisco is focusing on concepts and language that illustrate the results and benefits of using the network and that make these effects tangible.
    • A new 360-degree media-buying strategy focuses heavily on comprehensive, selected media partnerships, sponsorships, digital media and nontraditional vehicles.

  • The Web site has been redesigned to create an environment that showcases the Human Network Effect. Visitors can find relevant information personalized to them, based on previously visited Web sites and the topics they care about. Integrated collaborative tools such as Cisco WebEx and video allow visitors to interact and share information and ideas with business partners and Cisco employees.
  • The launch of the Human Network Effect campaign commences with audiences in eight countries worldwide having the chance to get a first glance at the new creative expressions of the campaign. The series of TV and digital spots will include "Baggage Claim" and "Executive Rally," highlighting some of the more challenging aspects of business travel. These spots, along with "Shortest Commute," tell a story around the Save More, Travel Less Effect.

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Preapproved Quotes

    Sue Bostrom, executive vice president, chief marketing officer at Cisco.
    "Consumers are bringing their favorite Web 2.0 tools into the enterprise and changing the way we work. These Web 2.0 technologies are transforming business models faster than we've seen in more than a decade. Cisco's branding and marketing efforts are evolving to reflect these profound changes in the way we work, live, play and learn. Ultimately, the effects of technology are what matter to our customers, partners and employees, and that's what Cisco will be highlighting in this next phase of the Human Network campaign."

    Marilyn Mersereau, senior vice president of corporate marketing at Cisco.
    "The Human Network Effect campaign is the realization that amazing things happen when people are connected using the technology solutions that enable collaboration, knowledge sharing and promote innovation. At Cisco, we provide those solutions and we are communicating in new ways: We've moved away from talking product specs to telling stories; from traditional media buying to a strong digital focus and emphasis on multiplatform media programs."

Multimedia Content

  • Sue Bostrom, executive vice president, chief marketing officer at Cisco, discusses Cisco's brand strategy in a Web 2.0 enviroment.
  • Marilyn Mersereau, senior vice president of corporate marketing at Cisco, discusses the evolution of the brand using the Human Network and the Human Network Effect campaigns.
  • Diane Dudeck, senior director, worldwide media, entertainment and sponsorship marketing, discusses the Web 2.0 media world and Cisco's new ways of communication.
  • Michael Metz, senior director, Web marketing and strategy, explains the evolution of from a static Web site to an environment providing personalized experiences.
  • See the New Collaboration Effect: The Shortest Commute
  • The Save More Travel Less Effect
  • This is Baggage Claim, a commercial from Cisco's Human Network Effect Campaign