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Accent Pioneers Cisco Digital Signage in Belgium and the Netherlands

Cisco Press Release

DIEGEM/ROESELARE, Belgium, September 14, 2007 - Cisco® announced today that Accent Jobs For People (, the fastest-growing employment and recruitment agency in Belgium, which also operates in France and the Netherlands, is installing Cisco Digital Signage to deliver up-to-the minute, eye-catching advertising direct to 70 of its offices in Belgium and the Netherlands this year. Built on the power of the Cisco Digital Media System, Cisco Digital Signage is a networked solution for the creation, management and publishing of digital media to on-premise, high-definition digital displays. The use of Cisco Digital Signage is helping Accent to communicate with its employees, job candidates and clients in a more dynamic and user-friendly way.

Cisco Digital Signage is playing a key role in supporting Accent's new brand-identity launch this year. In addition to introducing a new logo, a restyled website and an extensive advertising campaign, Accent is also renovating its offices throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France. Central to its new office design is a dynamic shop window concept using the Cisco Digital Signage to display the group's advertisements, deliver company information and offer up-to-the minute updates on job vacancies and professional opportunities.

"In today's highly competitive market, where the demand for suitable personnel is outstripping supply, it is important that Accent can differentiate itself from the competition as much as possible and always represent itself in a positive light," said Conny Vandendriessche, chief operating officer of Accent Jobs For People. "That's why we are investing not only in the quality of our service provision, but also in the way in which we present ourselves to the outside world.

"Our offices are a good business card in that respect and a vibrant, modern image helps us attract potential candidates and provide extra motivation for clients to use our services. The display of dynamic content on digital screens using Cisco Digital Signage will clearly improve the appeal of our offices. In addition to our high-quality service, we can now give potential candidates an even richer and more compelling customer experience when they come to visit. We have also seen a real boost to our employees' self-motivation and job commitment now that they have such a modern and attractive work environment," Vandendriessche added.

Accent can manage the publishing of all content using the web-based Cisco Digital Media Manager software centrally from its Sales Support Centre in Roeselare. The Cisco Digital Media Manager enables Accent to easily use standardised templates for its content, helping Accent to strengthen its brand and help ensure uniformity of communication.

Content can also be easily pre-programmed for display at certain times and customised for specific locations, regions, languages and target groups for delivery over the group's wide-area network to the Cisco Digital Media Players being installed at each location. To help ensure information is always current, vacancies that have been filled are automatically removed from playback on the digital screens as soon as the vacancy status is updated in Accent's vacancy management system.

"The consultants in our offices used to have to regularly print out and post the latest or most urgent vacancies in the window," explained Wim Vanhaelemeesch, IT manager at Accent Jobs For People. "With the Cisco Digital Signage solution, that time-consuming, manual process is now fully automated, saving a considerable amount of time and giving our consultants the confidence that information is always accurate. This allows the consultants to focus on their core tasks, developing closer relations with clients and improving the registration and supervision of job candidates and temporary workers."

Accent, which has grown significantly over the past 11 years, is planning to continue its growth internationally. "Our company has seen rapid growth since its creation and we started our expansion abroad last year," said Vanhaelemeesch. "It is important that our ICT infrastructure can support our growth and Cisco's open approach has benefits beyond giving us the ability to manage the system centrally. Scalability was also an important factor in our selection. Cisco was able to offer us a total solution for digital signage which included the creation of content, central management and network distribution, and the flexibility to add new sites easily as we grow."

Lebon IT Services is collaborating with Accent and Cisco to supply and implement the complete solution, including more than 150 liquid crystal display (LCD) screens. Eddy Lebon, managing director, Lebon IT Services, said: "The Cisco Digital Media System is designed to make it easy and fast to roll out across a large number of sites. As we already had the networking expertise at Lebon IT Services, it was very simple to train our engineers to install and support Cisco Digital Signage."

Pol Vanbiervliet, general director of Cisco Belgium and Luxembourg concluded: "Commercial enterprises such as Accent, as well as public sector and non-profit organisations, are seeing how an application such as digital signage is adding value to the network and changing the way they do business. This pioneering project at Accent clearly demonstrates how businesses can optimise their marketing and communication efforts and deliver improved services to its clients."