Media Contacts

Name/Title Topic(s) Country Contact

Cori Drogemuller

Communications Manager - Australia & New Zealand

New Zealand, Australia

+61 3238 8227


Lars Gurow

PR Manager Germany

all germany-related subjects and german-language inquiries Germany



Raquel Prieto

Public Relations, Security

infrastructure, annual security report, security, cybercrime, cybersecurity, network security United States of America


Marianna Ferrigno

Italy & South Communications Manager

italy, israel, greece Italy

+39 039 629574

Ella Nevill

PR Manager, Security

security United States of America

+1 617 951 6622

Ariadna Hernández

PR Manager Spain & Portugal




Laura Lawton

Social Impact Lead, Global Communications

corporate social responsbility United States of America

+1 408 505 5820


Jennifer Yamamoto

Corporate PR Manager: People & Culture

people and culture, people deal, csr United States of America


Kasper Hansen

Communications Lead, EMEAR North


+45 53195285

Adriana Bueno De Souza

Manager, Public Relations Brazil


+ 551155023144

Amy Lucas

PR Manager, UK & Ireland

United Kingdom

+44 20 8476 8243

Laëtitia Raphalen

PR & Communications Manager, France


+33 (1) 5804 6176

Bipasha Chakrabarti

PR Manager


+91 80 4426 2353

Charles Sommerhauser

PR Consultant, Channels & Cloud

sd-wan, cloud United States of America

+ 925 371 6341

Christine Johansen

PR Manager

collaboration United States of America



Chunbo Wang

PR Manager



Gareth Pettigrew

Senior PR Manager, Enterprise Infrastructure

networking, switching, routing, wireless, meraki, software, sdn, data center, cloud, intent-based networking United States of America

+1 604-647-2326


Judit Sinko

Communications manager, Multi-country theatres, EMEAR

digital business transformation, emear Switzerland


Karin Scott

Sr. PR Manager

cloud, data center United States of America

+ 416 306 7164


Corporate Mailer

General enquiries

corporate, general United States of America


Pilar Sevilla

Public Relations Mexico

external communications for cisco mexico Mexico

+52 55 52673129

Rasick Gowda

PR Manager


+91 9663 266 255


Robyn Jenkins Blum

Corporate PR Mgr

mergers, acquisitions, corporate, issues management United States of America

Sara Cicero

Sr. PR Manager, Service Provider Business: Core Networks, Video, Mobility

service provider, video, broadband, mobility, networking, core networks United States of America

+1 770 236 2181


Sophy Zhang

Mgr, Public Relations


+86 10 8515 5662

Vivian Guan

PR Manager

collaboration, core networks, security, data center, service provider, industries China

+86 10 8515 5946

Nicole Andergard

PR Manager, Collaboration Software

collaboration United States of America

+ 503 946 8399


Toni Davis

Head of Customer Success PR

United States of America

984 212 0163


Cathy Morley Foster

Public Relations Consultant, Security

cisco security, annual security report, cybersecurity, network security, security United States of America



Saro Khatchadourian

Global Public Affairs

canada Canada

+1 416 804 1416

Briar Wells

Communications & PR Manager, Canada

canada Canada