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Meet the Exec: Chris Dedicoat

Liza Meak April 24, 2017

There's more to Chris Dedicoat, Executive VP of Worldwide Sales, than just closing the deal. We recently talked to him about another one of his passio...

Robots go swimming

Anne Field April 24, 2017

Startups are turning to robotics for cleaning up and better understanding oceans, lakes and other waterways.

Water Is Life, Open Data is Access

Melissa Jun Rowley April 24, 2017

A former NASA engineer and social scientist create a new start-up to help people in developing countries find clean and safe water sources.

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Cisco's Dead-Simple Design Approach

No Jitter April 12, 2017

Cisco's Red Dot award roll underscores the company's attention to detail and validates their approach to providing a delightfully simple user experience.