Executive Biography

Vijoy Pandey

SVP, Outshift by Cisco

Vijoy Pandey is Senior Vice President, Outshift by Cisco. Outshift’s mission is to build what’s next and new in emerging tech for Cisco and for tomorrow’s customer needs. What sets us apart is our focus on turning ideas into action and creating new products regularly in emerging areas such as cloud native applications, security, edge native, quantum, and AI. Outshift includes the entire pipeline of building a product and bringing it to market (product, software development, marketing, sales, and customer success). In addition, Vijoy runs Cisco Open Source, Cisco Research, and the Responsible AI charter for Cisco.

Vijoy has held various strategy, product, and engineering leadership roles and has over 20 years of expertise in planet-scale distributed systems, cloud, and application-first software infrastructures, which serve to complement his role as a technology visionary for a software-focused AI-first digital future.

Before joining Cisco, he served as head of engineering at Google for the company’s global cloud networks, where he was responsible for developing software systems for intent-driven automation, observability, AI/ML-based insights, and application-level awareness. Vijoy has held various CTO roles, and has led large geo-diverse, agile product and engineering teams at both large organizations and startups.

Vijoy has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Davis. He currently holds over 80 patents in cloud, AI/ML, and distributed systems.