Executive Biography

Ronak Desai

SVP, Cloud Networking Team

Ronak Desai is now serving as a Senior Vice President of Cisco’s Cloud Networking CN) Engineering organization. In the current role, Ronak is spearheading major strategy and technical shifts across our cloud networking portfolio of products and services, including Nexus Dashboard with converged insights on-prem and aaS, 400G offerings, Cloud APIC and more. Ronak’s CN engineering team is responsible for the development and evolution of Cisco’s datacenter controllers, Nexus Dashboard aaS, Data Center analytics, Ethernet/Nexus and Storage/MDS switching. 

Earlier, as Vice President, Ronak led the Engineering team at Insieme Networks and was responsible for the development and architecture for the ACI controller. During the inception of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, Ronak championed the creation and development of the solution, playing a crucial role in its foundational success. Insieme Networks was acquired by Cisco in December of 2013.

Prior to Insieme, Ronak’s held various engineering leadership roles at Cisco and helped drive the development of NX-OS, MDS Storage virtualization and SAN-OS (the pre-cursor to NX-OS). Ronak earned 49 patents, many of which are currently embedded in the solutions Cisco utilizes to address the dynamic needs of worldwide customers and technology partners every day. Ronak holds a Master of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.