Executive Biography

Abhay Kulkarni

SVP and GM, Webex App, Cisco Collaboration

Abhay Kulkarni is Senior Vice President and General Manager for Webex App, Cisco Collaboration. His deep experience in enterprise, security, and collaboration has helped Cisco Webex become the most trusted platform for remote work and a lifeline for businesses, governments, educators, and frontline workers to stay securely connected and productive. Under Abhay’s leadership, Cisco is delivering award-winning collaboration technologies to 95 percent of the world's Fortune 500 businesses customers today.

Abhay leads a global team responsible for Cisco’s collaboration portfolio which includes Webex Meetings, Messaging, Calling, and the Webex App. The development, product management, and engineering teams under his management have delivered on several transformative initiatives, including the development of a single meetings platform architecture and modernization of the Webex experience. Together, they are laser focused on evolving the overall collaboration user experience to meet the growing demand of Cisco customers.

Previously he led the Webex Platform that powers Webex Teams, Meetings and Devices. A technologist at heart, his work on the Webex platform delivered highly available, world class performance at scale and enables amazing developer experiences via developer.webex.com.

He brings 20+ years of industry experience in building and scaling large cloud SaaS platforms. He has also spent more than 18 years in the security industry. Before joining Cisco, Abhay was head of engineering at cloud security startup Netskope. Prior to Netskope, Abhay led engineering for Symantec/Norton Cloud - one of the largest Enterprise clouds managing many petabytes of data for 40M+ users.

Abhay holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from University of Pune.