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Cisco Unveils Taiwan Digital Acceleration Plan 3.0 to Drive a New Era of Digital Transformation and Resilience

Cisco Unveils Taiwan Digital Acceleration Plan 3.0 to Drive a New Era of Digital Transformation and Resilience
Jun 17, 2024

News Summary:

  • Cisco’s Taiwan Digital Acceleration (TDA) Plan 3.0 focuses on sustainability, cybersecurity, and AI-powered smart transformation.
  • The plan is aligned with Taiwan’s vision for a tech-advanced and resilient community and builds on Cisco’s investments in the market over the past 27 years.
  • Cisco is committed to nurturing local talent, enhancing cybersecurity, and driving AI-powered innovations in collaboration with government, industry, and academia.

TAIPEI, June 17, 2024 — Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO), the global leader in security and networking, today launched its Taiwan Digital Acceleration (TDA) Plan 3.0 to accelerate digital transformation in Taiwan and drive a new era of digital resilience. The TDA 3.0, which is aligned with Taiwan’s digital priorities, includes Cisco’s collaboration with the Taiwanese government, industry leaders, ecosystem partners, and academic institutions to deliver digitization projects on sustainability, cybersecurity and AI-powered smart transformation.  

The TDA 3.0 was launched at an event attended by Bi-khim Hsiao, Vice President, Taiwan; Huang Yen-nun, Minister of Digital Affairs (MODA); Fang-guan Jan, Deputy Minister, National Development Council; Jang-Hwa Leu, Director General, Administration for Digital Industries of MODA; Pei-li Chen, Deputy Director-General, Industrial Development Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs; Paul Lee, Chief Administrative Officer, Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency; Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco; Ming Wong, Vice President, CEO of Cisco Greater China; and Steven Lin, General Manager of Cisco Taiwan.    

"At Cisco, we harness our global resources to support transformative projects around the world,” said Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco. “Our commitment to Taiwan is a testament to our confidence in its potential to become a leading tech powerhouse. The digital acceleration plan is not just an investment; it's a collaboration where we are fully leveraging Cisco’s technological expertise, extensive global ecosystem, and innovative spirit to ensure Taiwan stands at the forefront of digital innovation.”

Key Milestones of Taiwan Digital Acceleration 1.0 and 2.0

Over the course of the TDA1.0 and TDA2.0, significant strides have been made in advancing Taiwan's technological infrastructure and capabilities. Collaborative efforts with 16 industry partners resulted in the successful progress or completion of 24 projects.

Key achievements include the establishment of a Smart City solutions demonstration center in 2019; the establishment of Taiwan's first Private 5G Open Networking Platform in 2020; and the creation of digital mobile medical carts to improve healthcare quality. In 2021, a High-Performance Computing AI Data Center was set up to boost Smart Healthcare applications, followed by using VR solutions in 2022 to support international training in the offshore wind power sector. That same year, intelligent network technology was employed for smart ship management. By 2023, Full Stack Observability was implemented to enhance the financial sector's stability and resilience, and smart technology was applied to digitize healthcare resources and promote active living.      

Envisioning Taiwan Digital Acceleration 3.0

Cisco has been a key part of Taiwan’s digitization over the past 27 years, dedicating investments and resources to foster a smarter, more inclusive digital future across multiple sectors. This includes the TDA initiative, which is now in its sixth year and strategically addresses Taiwan's immediate needs in digital transformation. As the pace of innovation continues to accelerate, the TDA 3.0 will focus on three core areas currently top of mind for government and industry leaders: Sustainability, Cybersecurity, and AI-powered Smart Transformation.   

  • Sustainability: Cisco aims to introduce Smart Port solutions at the Kaohsiung port for secure, automated operations. In addition, the Smart Port solution can assist enterprises in monitoring energy usage, which can then be used to calculate emissions. It also includes plans to advance sustainability in workspaces with financial institutions with the aim to support Taiwan's 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions goals.  
  • Cybersecurity: Cisco plans to partner with the government to cultivate technology talent to help address the global talent shortage in the industry. In addition, Cisco aims to collaborate with relevant tech associations to establish a security center in Taiwan for enhanced threat intelligence and cyber readiness. This can help build digital resilience from a cybersecurity perspective, which is critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives.   
  • AI-powered Smart Transformation: The initiative plans to propel the transformation of urban infrastructure by leveraging AI-driven solutions in areas such as smart cities and transportation. Partnering with the government, Cisco aims to enhance traffic management and safety through connected road networks, advanced traffic monitoring systems, and optimized signaling, ensuring smoother traffic flow and heightened road safety.        

"Cisco’s investment in Taiwan goes beyond technology. We are committed to collaborating with the government and local entities to fuel technological advancement and drive digital transformation,” said Steven Lin, General Manager of Cisco Taiwan. “Our  presence and collective efforts are a testament to Cisco’s dedication to Taiwan's digital advancement and socio-economic prosperity. We are here for the long haul, investing in Taiwan's vibrant tech ecosystem and supporting its journey towards becoming a global digital leader."

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Bi-khim Hsiao, Vice President, Taiwan attended Cisco's Taiwan Digital Acceleration (TDA) Plan 3.0 launch event.

Bi-khim Hsiao, Vice President, Taiwan attended Cisco's Taiwan Digital Acceleration (TDA) Plan 3.0 launch event.

Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco

Guy Diedrich, Senior Vice President and Global Innovation Officer, Cisco

Steven Lin, General Manager of Cisco Taiwan

Steven Lin, General Manager of Cisco Taiwan

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