How I Work: Jeff Bull and His “Shed-tacular” Workspace

September 08, 2023

By Majka Klemmer and Diane Poduch. Produced by Rik Cordero. Illustration by Sara Baldwin.

How I Work

Hey Cisco, meet Jeff Bull.

Trust us, he’s happy to meet you, too.

We won’t bore you with any extra words, so you can experience Jeff’s inspirational videos. They’re chock-full of hybrid work tips and tricks done in a similar style to his YouTube channel.

A few things to know about Jeff before you get started:

  • He’s been at Cisco for 8 years
  • He lives in Concord, California (about an hour’s drive from the San Jose office.) Fun fact: Tom Hanks was born in Concord.
  • When Jeff moved into his house 4 years ago, he and his wife thought they could share an office. Turns out, not so much.
  • He built a shed in his backyard where he works most of the time. (Yes, there’s Cisco equipment inside.) His days are filled with work and little distractions like sewing and comic books to keep his mind fresh.
  • He has a lot to say about being intentional with your time and finding your hybrid work rhythm.
  • Jeff might be the biggest Star Wars fan at Cisco. (Yes, this is a bold statement.)

Now, go on. Get to know Jeff Bull and how he works.

Note: Be sure to scroll and check out the interactive illustration of Jeff’s shed. Click the colored icons to bring up a video from Jeff.

interactive office space