How I Work: Anke Schuetze makes all the right hybrid work moves

September 28, 2023

By Majka Klemmer and Diane Poduch, illustrations by Sara Baldwin.

How I Work

Did you watch Netflix’s hit show “The Queen’s Gambit?”

If so, you might remember rooting for the main character, Beth Harmon, who overcomes adversity and becomes a world-renowned chess champion.

Beth could visualize a chess board and imagine the many outcomes of a single move.

Chess strategy involves logical thinking and decision-making that lead to the best move.

Sales Business Development Manager Anke Schuetze uses a similar strategy as she evaluates her options and decides where to work on a given day.

“I just need my laptop and my mobile device, and I can work from anywhere,” Anke shares. “I still have my meetings and work on my projects.”

Anywhere includes home, the office, the park, her favorite diner, and her son’s chess tournaments.

“Having flexible hours is an advantage because I don’t have to work the traditional 9 to 5,” Anke explains.
“I can work when I have the most energy or when I have the most brain power.”

Anke maintains a consistent early morning routine where she meditates and exercises to care for her mental and physical health. This helps Anke start her workday with a clear mind.

“I appreciate Cisco giving me the flexibility to work this way and trusting me to be responsible for getting my work done,” Anke notes. “You can be at your best whenever you think it’s the right time or wherever you might be. And that’s so cool.”


Check out the interactive chess board and see Anke in action as she works from various places in Nuremberg, Germany. Click the colored icons below to follow along.

interactive chess board Anke starts her day Anke works from a cafe Anke in the driver’s seat Anke’s morning routine Anke works from home Anke works from the office Anke takes a walk Anke gets some exercise Anke takes time to think and reflect Anke visits her son at the chess club Anke’s evening routine