Is your organization innovation-ready?

Technology should unlock the full power of innovation, providing the tools to tap into the undercurrent of potential flowing through an innovation-ready organization. IT pros need a framework that makes the most of investments to build something new and enable true innovation to shine.

Our new global survey, the State of Global Innovation, evaluates high-level perceptions, inhibitors, and enablers for innovation among CIOs, IT decision makers, and developers to determine the role of technology as companies prepare for the future.

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State of Global Innovation

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of Global respondents say their organizations are extremely or somewhat innovative​.
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of Global respondents say they can take an innovation from ideation to implementation in less than a year.
But Global respondents say Tool/technology limitations (including third-party integration limitations) is the
#1 challenge
to innovation among them​.
The right tools and technology is
the #1 enabler
of innovation.
Global respondents found value in
0 %
of their technology investments, on average.
​The future will rely on a technology platform approach that helps simplify operations in order to innovate, automate, and ultimately see a higher return on technology investments.
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of Global respondents agree that a technology platform is only as good as what can be built on top of it.
It’s time to harness the untapped potential of today’s technology solutions to set the foundation for the innovations of tomorrow. But how?

Our study found 4 essential elements of technology that make it easier to drive impactful innovation:

Our study found 4 essential elements of technology to make it easier to drive impactful innovation:

The impact of simple, predictable, and outcome-driven operations are key to realizing value from innovation as new products and services are developed.
of Global IT pros say they value simplicity when it comes to technology management.​
According to global respondents, “complexity of IT ecosystem” is a top challenge when trying to innovate.​​
of Global respondents agree their organization's network is or will soon be used as a platform for new products or services.
Globally there is broad agreement with this approach: globally, similar shares of CIOs (88%), developers (86%) and IT decision makers (86%) agree, as do similar shares of specialists in applications (86%), networks and systems (87%) and security (87%).
The ultimate impact of increased visibility is more than insights; it’s enhanced app performance, optimized resources, and strengthened app security to deliver a healthier Internet, and in turn, a better experience for the end user.
of Global respondents say with more insight (from visibility, detection, forecasting, etc.) into network operations, their organization could improve user experience​.​
of Global respondents agree that they need a centralized place for the IT management of and insights into their infrastructure, network, applications, cybersecurity and/or their digital experience.​
of Global respondents agree that it is essential to protect their apps from code to cloud.​
Delivering the best possible digital experience for end users is mission-critical for organizations today. The good news? Technology innovation is unlocking what’s possible for exceptional digital experiences.
of Global respondents agreed that the app experience can determine a business’ success​.​
of Global respondents are committed to delivering a flawless digital experience for end customers.​
Globally, 84% of CIOs, ITDMs, and developers are using AI or ML to create a better experience for end users; this skews greatly toward midsize companies and enterprises; for small businesses, this drops to 67%.​
According to our survey, sustainability is connected to growth, experience, optimization, and innovation for businesses.
#1 reason
The #1 reason cited most often globally for why technological innovation matters was to establish more sustainable, energy efficient, or ecologically conscious technology options​​.
of Global respondents agree that when thinking of innovation, their organization is benefitting from innovative ways to make business operations more sustainable and energy efficient.​
When asked to select how they measure the impact of innovation, global respondents cited ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) was as important of a factor as an increase in new customers or better brand reputation.
The State of Global Innovation study is a global survey of 18,400 CIOs, IT decision makers, and developer respondents in 34 global markets, commissioned by Cisco and deployed by Censuswide in April 2023. The study aimed to evaluate high-level perceptions, inhibitors, and enablers for innovation to identify the role of technology as companies prepare for the future. Countries surveyed include:
Argentina​, Brazil​, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, United States of America
Australia,​ China​, Hong Kong​, India​, Indonesia​, Japan​, Korea​, Malaysia​, New Zealand,​ Philippines​, Singapore​, Taiwan​, Thailand​, Vietnam​
France​, Germany​, Israel​, Italy​, Netherlands​, Saudi Arabia​, Spain​, Sweden​, Switzerland​, United Arab Emirates,​ United Kingdom
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