The Top 5 Cisco Podcast Moments of 2022

As Cisco wraps up 2022, we're putting a spotlight on our most popular podcast episodes!
The Top 5 Cisco Podcast Moments of 2022
Dec 21, 2022

From hot tech trends to key cultural moments and leadership advice - we have it all here for you to explore!

So before you get ready to kick off 2023, kick your feet up first and tune in to all the fun, insightful conversations we had with our Cisco leaders, tech experts, and so many more amazing personalities. Besides, who doesn't enjoy a good podcast while doing a few holiday chores? Here are our Top 5 Podcast Moments of 2022.

Talking Innovation and Applications with Liz Centoni

For our first recommendation, we're going all the way back to the beginning of 2022 when we kicked off a new season of Cisco TechBeat. We really hit the ground running as our host AB sat down with our EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Liz Centoni, to talk about her passion for applications, customer experience...and even charcoal grilling! Learn all about the experiences that led her to join Cisco over 20 years ago, plus what keeps her excited for the work she and her team do to this day.

Exploring Neurodiversity with Richard Everard

In honor of World Mental Health Day 2022, our Cisco UK and Ireland podcast hosts, Rosie and Collette, delved into the topic of neurodiversity with special guest Richard Everard, VP EMEA Service Sales & Executive Sponsor of CDAN EMEA (Cisco's Connected Disability Action Network). Richard gave us an inside look at his experience of being diagnosed as neurodivergent later in life and what he has learned throughout that journey. Explore how mental health and neurodiversity are connected, including how teams in business can flourish when they truly embrace neurodiversity within the workplace.

Leading with Empathy, Curiosity and Finding the Strengths in Others

On our Cisco Leadership Podcast, we had Tim Coogan, VP for the Global Enterprise South business, share his insights on what it looks like to lead with empathy, curiosity, and finding strength in others in order to move business forward. His knowledge also shared more perspective into Cisco's mission to power an Inclusive Future for all. Check it out for yourself!


Talking Customer Experience with Thimaya Subaiya

In another stellar episode of Cisco TechBeat, podcast host AB sits down for an engaging discussion with Thimaya Subaiya, Cisco’s SVP, Chief Customer Experience Officer, who shares the hallmarks of a great customer experience and why he believes that consistency is key in every customer interface. Subaiya also discusses what’s top of mind as he looks to the future of CX, the importance of allyship to his team's success, and why building furniture helps him relax and connect with his daughters. This is a great discussion you don’t want to miss out on.

The "It Factor" of Successful Leaders

What is the secret ingredient to success? We've all worked for or with a person who seems to always move forward despite how tough circumstances are. But what is it about these people that keep them moving? Tune in to this informative podcast episode as Sharon Martin takes you on her journey and explains the means of finding true purpose, the “It Factor” to successful leadership.


Keep Your Ears Open for 2023

With the New Year just around the corner, you can be certain there will be more exciting stories to tell and listen to - so keep your ears open! In the meantime, we hope you get a moment to immerse yourself in these 2022 podcast highlights. Happy Holidays and make sure to tune in with us in 2023!