The People’s Choice: From Cyber Defense to Sustainability, Cisco’s Most-Read Stories of 2022

What was on your mind in 2022? Have a look at our readers most popular stories from the newsroom over the past year.
The People’s Choice: From Cyber Defense to Sustainability, Cisco’s Most-Read Stories of 2022
Dec 21, 2022
Security solutions that would make da Vinci proud_1200x675_graphic

Security solutions that would make DaVinci proud

In a museum in Milan, we built the Cisco Cybersecurity Co-Innovation Center to tackle the tough issues of security, digital privacy, education and social impact. Read more about how Cisco is confronting rising threats and a widening gap in cyberskills to build an inclusive future for everyone.


Bringing vision to life: a fully sustainable Cisco

Denise Lee, VP of Cisco’s Engineering Sustainability Office is defining how Cisco will make a real, long-term impact in embedding sustainability into Cisco's solutions and technologies. Find out more about how she is is taking on essential sustainability goals.

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The best cyber defense? An analyst who understands offense

An experienced, talented attacker, fluent in intrusion and penetration strategies, tries to break Cisco security every day. Good thing she works for us. Get an inside look into how Lurene Grenier spends her days making cyber weapons to make sure Cisco defenses are ready for any offense.


Educating the next generation of cybersecurity leaders

How would you build out an MBA in Cybersecurity? Greta Nasi has a head start on you, and she shares the challenges and opportunities we face when we take on the task of providing evergreen approaches and strategies for educating the next generation of cybersecurity pros.


Creating a safe, inclusive space for LGBTQ workers

Being yourself is a fundamental right in the workplace. Read how Cisco puts inclusivity at the core of our culture, and our policy for addressing acceptance from the top down.

Planning, innovation and vision business meeting in a modern office, working on a business marketing strategy. Group, team or staff discussing with sticky notes a schedule for future project together.

The power of partners

Success rarely appears in a vacuum. That’s why Cisco have turned partnerships into a veritable art form. To power a future for everyone, Cisco build relationships on trust and a commitment to a better future for everyone. Read more about how Cisco is bringing it to life.

It’s been our great privilege to bring you these stories (and more) throughout the year. Thank you for joining us to share and learn how we are powering an inclusive future for all. See you in 2023!