How Cisco empowered a multinational family business to weather the pandemic

Leng-d'Or leans on Cisco to maintain its status as a leading global snack food provider
How Cisco empowered a multinational family business to weather the pandemic
Sep 26, 2022

By Cristina Errico, Marketing Manager, Security

Cisco cybersecurity allows for a stress-free digital environment 

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, companies around the world were threatened by the sudden challenges it posed. Small and medium businesses were especially in danger, companies for whom scaling back productivity could mean having to shutter altogether. For one snack company in Spain—it was an opportunity to transform and thrive.  

Leng-d’Or has been a family business for nearly 55 years, and they are now a multinational food company, supplying upwards of 800 customers, with 80% of them outside of Spain. They offer delicious, healthy snacks that accommodate the diversity of people’s dietary needs— Kosher, gluten-free, organic, and the like. Being an innovator in the snack world means having to communicate between food experts, manufacturing, and businesspeople. With the pandemic restricting travel, Cisco solutions became essential to succeeding in a world socially distanced. It was also an opportunity to shift even more into their sustainability goals. 

A range of collaborative communication tools in WebEx 

In some ways, not having to travel became a blessing for the employees of Leng-d’Or, who would have otherwise had to endure an 18-hour round-trip flight between Barcelona and New Jersey. Not to mention the daily commutes to and from work. Though they’ve had a reduction of 30-40% in employee travel, productivity did not slow down since implementing WebEx tools.  

One particularly useful tool deployed during the pandemic was the WebEx Expert on Demand. It works by connecting a helmet-mounted Meraki camera to give a live video feed while simultaneously being able to have a conversation. This makes discussions much more organic. Enric Cuixeres, Head of Information Technology at Leng-d’Or, explains what they were able to do: 

“We could have eyes on the front line, which showed us very specific images of what we needed. The synchronization of the audio allowed us to have a conversation in real time with our team in the first line of work. Thanks to this collaboration strategy, it is possible to develop projects collaboratively completely remotely. The cost reduction in travel and time as well as the increase in productivity associated with the project was remarkable.” 

Mr. Cuixeres also mentions that their R&D team made great use of the whiteboard feature in WebEx, which allows team members to collaborate on documents in real-time. The adoption of remote work tools has had the added benefit of contributing to Leng-d’Or’s sustainability goals, something that the company values highly. Their manufacturing plant has already adopted 100% LED technology and generates 37% of their own energy with solar panels. By reducing greenhouse gas emissions from travel requirements, WebEx has contributed to Leng-d’Or’s overall journey to carbon neutrality.

Cisco cybersecurity allows for a stress-free digital environment

As for the words of Enric Cuixeres “Without Cisco technology, during the pandemic our work would have come to a complete stop.  Developing a new product is a team job. A lot of people from different areas must come together, so Cisco SecureX allowed us to collaborate across borders during COVID and know that we were doing so securely. Thanks to that, our business continued, uninterrupted. “  

Thanks to Cisco SecureX Leng d’Or reduced indeed their time to detect threats by 90%, which means that they were able to detect a threat in real time.  

An example? Every day, between five and seven inbound emails with malicious URLs were blocked at their perimeter thanks to Cisco Secure Email and Secure Email Phishing Defense. If a threat comes from a traditional URL or from a compromised business link the integration of Cisco SecureX with Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Secure Firewall and Cisco Secure Endpoint gives to the company real-time visibility into the problem  

It's a common misconception that cybercriminals only target big businesses, so it’s important to be aware of all the possibilities and cover for them. Valuable data can be stolen, and manufacturing facilities can be compromised. Cisco secure protects against all these possibilities— from the cloud-delivered solutions of Cisco Umbrella to the real-time network analytics tools of Cisco Talos


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