Translate lessons from cyber war into practical steps you can use to defend your organization

Experts discuss lessons that can be applied to corporate defense and critical infrastructure
Aug 08, 2022

When Russia launched its devastating war on Ukraine this year, it also sought to disrupt Ukraine’s business, government, and communications with an unrelenting barrage of cyberattacks.

However, Cisco and its Talos threat intelligence group helped assist Ukraine by managing and monitoring the security of 30 critical infrastructure customers in Ukraine. The lessons learnt from working together will enhance security knowledge for years to come.    

In the video below, Talos experts JJ Cummings and Nick Biasini were joined by Cisco Advisory CISO Dave Lewis to discuss how some of those lessons can be applied to corporate defense and critical infrastructure:

Remember, if you are attending Black Hat this weekend don’t miss distinguished Talos researchers JJ Cummings and Ashlee Benge discussing Talos’ experience of taking over the defense of more than 30 critical infrastructure customers in Ukraine by directly managing and monitoring their endpoint security. Their Lunch and Learn session on the subject is at 2:05 p.m.PT  in Palm Ballroom A at the Mandalay Bay.   


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