Wearable solution for frontline workers set to transform collaboration on the go

Technology fades into the background as new Cisco and Google partnership puts the needs of frontline workers front and centre.

Frontline workers know what the real world can throw at them through the course of a day. They take weather, noise, heights, dust, dirt and dangerous environments in their stride - it’s just another day at the office. But when you’re working in a challenging workspace, the need to be connected, and safe, is paramount. A new partnership between Webex and Google is transforming the future of work for frontline workers, fading technology into the background, and completely changing our perceptions of how frontline workers can truly collaborate in the modern world.  

Webex Expert on Demand combined with Glass Enterprise Edition 2, brings together Google’s revolutionary new wearable device with Cisco’s leading edge collaboration technology. Comfortable and lightweight so it can be worn all day, Glass enables users to communicate, not just with their voices, but with hand gestures and even head movements. Glass brings enhanced camera quality and battery life, delivering digital information to the user via direct line of sight and taking the hybrid work experience into a whole new dimension.  

For frontline workers across industries such as manufacturing, logistics and healthcare, connectivity has to be seamless, it has to be intuitive, and it has to feel natural. But above all, it has to be secure. Webex Expert on Demand for Government provides public organizations a platform to collaborate with confidence while keeping frontline workers and remote experts connected with end-to-end encryption that meets FedRAMP Impact Level 2 requirements. Cisco’s partnership with Google ticks all these boxes - and more. It takes frontline workers beyond anything they have experienced before and delivers a completely new way of collaborating and connecting with teams.  

An operator on a factory floor can use Webex Expert on Demand with Glass to guide them through complex tasks, in real-time and hands-free, during their shift. In a hospital environment, medical staff can use the solution to discuss patient information with colleagues on the go; sharing information and working together to make important decisions quickly and easily. And by collaborating live in this way, users can stay laser focused on prioritising and solving tasks, while at the same time remaining aware of their surroundings, and their colleagues at all times. 

Work is not about where we are, it’s about what we do. And as our geographical locations become increasingly less important, and teams continue to work virtually, Webex is powering the connected global workforce. And Cisco’s continued partnership with Google is taking us one step closer a new age of connectivity and collaboration.  

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