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The future of technology empowers global hybrid work success

Cisco has the pulse on the future of technology, business, and teams in the era of hybrid work.

Technology should enable change, not drive it. With Hybrid Work, technology should remove as much friction as possible, allowing people to do their jobs from anywhere, and ensuring successful outcomes.

Today, we are sharing a new research study of nearly 40,000 CIOs, IT decision makers and workers that are traditionally based in offices across 34 global markets. Our goal: to get a pulse on the future of technology, business, and teams in the era of hybrid work. 

Application experience IS the experience

Driving better application experiences for the end user has been critical for businesses over the past 18+ months. Organizations are increasingly aware that the applications are the business, and the app experience IS the experience. In fact, our survey found that 78 percent of respondents agree that the app experience is the indicator of a business’ success. 

Sixty-four percent say their company is using AI and Automation to create a better experience for the end-user, particularly with benefits like faster incident response times and business continuity.

Operating in complex environments

Roles, skills, and team structures will need to change to support evolving—and necessary—technology architecture adoption and implementation; these transformations will not only drive operational changes throughout their IT teams but will also create higher visibility and accessibility across the teams.

The new era of application development  has led to a significant increase in complexity in IT environments. Multiple teams are involved in figuring out how to monitor the performance, optimization and security of every digital experience. 

For example, 76 percent of respondents agree that new roles or teams will be developed within their business to meet full-stack observability needs. Seventy-seven percent of these respondents predict that the organizational changes will happen in less than one year. 

Something inclusive 

In our October release of the Hybrid Work Index, we reported that 64 percent of respondents say that working from anywhere vs. coming into the office, has a direct impact on their decision to stay or leave a job, making it crucial for organizations to change norms around where and how we work to remain competitive in the war for talent and innovation.

Hybrid Work opens a world of opportunity for off-site and nontraditional candidates, allowing companies access to better and more diverse talent. Eighty-six percent of companies anticipate they will expand their hiring criteria for job candidates in the next two years. 

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