Feature Story

The reimagined contact center: Proactive and pain-free

We’ve all had a bad contact center experience. But now we don’t have to. See how Webex customer experience solutions are reimagining the experience for customers and agents.
Aug 30, 2021

We’ve all been there. At an airport, a store, or at home with a technical issue, spending hours on hold waiting for customer service with an annoying jingle replaying in our ears. But Cisco understands how broken the customer journey can be. And that’s why we’ve reimagined customer experience with the all-new Webex Contact Center; where all touchpoints are connected - no matter where the customer is - via text, social, chat, email, or voice. This makes the experience intuitive and seamless for both customers and agents, and ensures that customers’ issues are resolved quickly, they can find what they need – and make their flight on time!

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