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Cisco Secure at Black Hat: Simple, Intelligent, Everywhere

Industry, business, and government are transforming at speed and scale. This transformation demands that we deliver simple, comprehensive, and intelligent solutions everywhere.
Aug 05, 2021

During Black Hat USA 2021, our experts shared insights on threat intelligence, the recent trends in ransomware and responding to ransomware attacks, how to enable secure access for a global remote workforce, and the technical metrics for assessing a passwordless solution. We even saw Wendy Nather and Matt Olney battle it out for better incident response. Listen in on these sessions to learn how our security solutions reduce complexity with an integrated open platform backed by Cisco Talos, the industry-leading threat intelligence group fighting the good fight.

The Side Door: Don't let your suppliers or partners open it for cyberattacks

Using DNS-layer security to detect and block dangerous campaigns

Evaluating Passwordless: Cutting through the noise with three metrics

Bridge the gap with Cisco: Best practices for balancing productivity and security

Getting from intelligence to incident response

Recent trends in ransomware

Resilient incident response: Responding to ransomware attacks

A lighthouse in the darkness: Let your defense shine