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Kloudspot™ and Cisco Meraki Enable Safe Environments and Smart Spaces

Situational Awareness and Location Intelligence Platform and Camera Analytics Solutions now available to Cisco Meraki Customers
Jul 14, 2021

Kloudspot, Inc., makers of the first network-enabled and cloud-based Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform, today announced it has partnered with Cisco Meraki to help organizations offer safer and smarter workspace experiences for customers and employees.

The Kloudspot Platform and KloudVision™ combine real-time location intelligence and video analytics collected from the Cisco Meraki intuitive cloud-first platform to securely integrate unique safety features - such as occupancy monitoring for social distancing, automated triggers and PPE compliance monitoring.

Additionally, by leveraging Bluetooth®, WiFi, smart cameras, and the power of artificial intelligence (AI), the solution converts the physical actions and movements of people and devices into secure, digitally treatable data to extract meaningful insights. With these insights, organizations can comply with new health and safety requirements and optimize physical spaces to create smarter and safer, hybrid environments that enable real-time virtual and physical collaboration anywhere. Both the Kloudspot Platform and Kloudspot’s KloudVision camera analytics solution can be purchased on the Cisco Meraki Marketplace.

The City of Erie, PA, uses Kloudspot and Cisco Meraki to enable real-time citizen engagement and safety, drive sales for local businesses and deliver advertising revenue to the City via WiFi, digital signage, campaign management and captive portal. Through the combination of the Cisco Meraki platform and the Kloudspot Platform, the City of Erie is able to provide seamless community and workforce experiences for its constituents and employees – including safety alerts and city services payments like waste and recycling.

“One of the most important opportunities of our time is to provide access to fast, secure WiFi for all,” said Guillermo Diaz Jr., Kloudspot CEO. “Combining the power of the Cisco Meraki platform with the Kloudspot Platform, the City of Nuevo Leon, Mexico, through Conectate Nuevo Leon, bridged their ‘digital divide’ by adding WiFi access across more than 450 public points creating safer, more connected citizen experiences. This deployment also facilitates communication across state government agencies and provides alternatives to traditional media by transforming many standard processes.” said Diaz.

“IT leaders are increasingly broadening their scope to address new security risks and today’s emerging safety requirements,” said Juan Vela, Global Head of Market Strategy, Cisco Meraki. “Our partnership with Kloudspot provides our customers with cloud enabled connectivity, security and intelligence technologies to create safer, more connected work, school and community experiences.”

Leveraging rich data insights from the Kloudspot platform and Cisco Meraki wireless access points and smart cameras, organizations can benefit from:

  • Cognition and data: Deliver contextual location intelligence via connected IoT devices.
  • Situational awareness: Understand what is happening within a defined perimeter space to create safe, engaging environments.
  • Data-driven predictions: Use real-time movement and historical data of people and devices to design interactions for customer engagement and safe experiences.
  • Performance measurement: Optimize performance to constantly improve via the AI and ML fueled Kloudspot Platform.
  • Hybrid capabilities: The new KloudHybrid™ features in the Kloudspot Platform offer safe hybrid workforce experiences that blend physical in-office presence with virtual participation to fuel productivity and collaboration, enabling an immersive experience for future focused transformation while reimagining the future of work and business.

About Kloudspot

Introduced in 2017, the Kloudspot Situational Awareness and Intelligence Platform is a cloud-based SaaS platform that ingests data from connected IoT devices such as WiFi, BLE, environmental sensors and connected cameras, and analyzes the data applying ML and AI concepts to drive engagements and interactions with the people and devices in a defined perimeter space. KloudVision is a unique camera analytics solution that securely processes video feeds using edge devices to classify and contextualize video data streams. Both are available on the Cisco Meraki Marketplace.

For more information or to request a demo, visit Follow Kloudspot on Twitter, or connect on Facebook or LinkedIn.

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