Feature Story

How to modernize your network for the future

Cisco Live session
Mar 30, 2021



Today’s IT leaders are preparing their workplaces for the future, including hybrid work environments where they must securely connect data, applications and users no matter where they are located. Join Prashanth Shenoy, VP of product marketing for Enterprise Networking and Cloud, along with two industry-leading customers as they discuss how to 1. Build a modern, intelligent network that supports hybrid work and accelerates digital transformation; 2. Increase visibility, management simplicity, and security; 3. Automate and assure services for better application experiences; 4. Streamline network operations and troubleshooting; 5. Provide consistent and secure application delivery in today's multicloud environment. Hear from these IT leaders as they share their experiences and insights on how Cisco solutions are helping them connect, secure and automate their network infrastructure for the future.