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Webex for education: Simple and secure

The must-have platform for secure and easy back-to-school success.
Sep 02, 2020
The back-to-school posts featuring smiling children are furiously hitting social media this month. Of course, this year, the pictures are a bit different, featuring children in their home workspace in front of computers.

Teachers, administrators, and IT specialists are working tirelessly to create the best online learning experience. So how can they keep students engaged and make sure the experience is a good one?

Here are a few examples of how and why Webex is a leading option for distance and hybrid learning.

A security first approach is key.

1. Security is NEVER a Tradeoff for Convenience or Speed

Did you know? Cisco Collaboration is trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500. With a guiding principle of Collaboration Without Compromise, it’s no wonder that Cisco Webex is the longtime market leader.

2. Simple and highly secure out-of-the-box

One of the big priorities for educators, is the safety and security of students as they evolve the way they teach for distance and hybrid learning. Teachers shouldn’t have to worry about disruption with outsiders joining their classrooms, and with Cisco Webex they don’t have to.

· Meeting rooms will always be locked to ensure no one without a password can join

· All Meetings, Events, and Trainings will be unlisted, so no one can locate your Webex unless invited specifically

On top of that, the platform is easy to use, out of the box.

3. Increased media features

There are constant feature upgrades to Webex, including one that keeps your video flowing at high resolution even if your network is having issues.

Also, if you have a messy room, you can switch up your view with virtual backgrounds. Other features include the ability to play music in between sessions, and an easy way to come off mute- just hit the space bar!

4. Your own assistant

As educators transform the way they manage their classrooms, we’re sure they could use an extra set of hands. That’s where the Webex assistant comes in. The assistant can share your screen, start a recording or call a colleague without you touching a thing.

5. Hybrid learning, the classroom of the future

From K-12 to higher education, we are seeing new trends emerge that help us see into the future. That includes hybrid learning, augmented and virtual reality. Webex has helped many schools, universities and companies transform the way they work and learn. And we’re just getting started!

This is all a learning process for many, and as it evolves, we will surely see more upgrades to enhance user experience and security. Keep checking The Network and the Webex blog site for up-to-date news on collaboration tools and tricks for distance learning.

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