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More connections: Cisco leaps into February with security and mobility

The company aims to connect more people to the Internet. Here’s what’s coming up in February.
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The internet is crucial for human development, and Cisco has always worked to connect more people to the technology that helps them thrive. You may remember Cisco commercials from the year 2000 where people around the world asked “Are you ready?” for the internet. Two decades later, the company is proud to announce it has joined Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi Technology Partner Program, which enables service providers and mobile network operators to offer fast and affordable internet to local communities across the world.

Facebook’s Express Wi-Fi helps provide availability, affordability, and awareness of high-quality internet access through partnerships like the one with Cisco. Cisco aims to be the bridge of connectivity to what is possible, and with 3.8 billion people still without fast and reliable internet access, it’s necessary to bridge that divide.

Cisco knows the importance of providing reliable and secure connectivity to everyone. The company also releases its Annual Internet Report this month, which provides a forecast of what the ‘Internet of the Future’ will look like, spotlighting the number of connected devices, global internet adoption, and more. Some highlights include: By 2023 there will be 5.3B internet users globally by 2023, a 13-fold growth of Wi-Fi 6 hotspots from 2020 to 2023, and the number of devices connected to IP networks will be more than three times the global population by 2023.

And Cisco continues its big news for the month of February. The RSA Conference also kicks off end of this month and Cisco will join cybersecurity thought leaders there to talk privacy, IoT, threats, and more. The company releases its sixth annual CISO Benchmark Study during this time, which surveys more than 3,000 security leaders for comprehensive insight into the state of Chief Information Security Officers today.

We’re excited to see the connections we can make. To see why the company feels that more connections will lead to more of what’s possible, check out the Corporate Social Responsibility page here.


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