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Looking ahead to CES 2020

This year’s conference promises us drones, VR, and much more.

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) has been a technology conference mainstay for more than 50 years, and plenty of groundbreaking tech has made its debut there. In 1968, American engineer Douglas Engelbart demonstrated his invention—the first computer mouse. The CD-Rom was introduced at CES in 1985, and 3D printers made their way to the show floor in 2012. In 2019, Cisco went beyond the latest 5G technologies to discuss the future of 6G at CES, and how it could affect something like quantum computing.

Through the years, CES has become the go-to place for companies and inventors to showcase the newest consumer technology, from drones to virtual reality headsets. This year's CES promises that everything will be smarter, healthier, and more connected. We'll see bigger (and smaller) TV and phone screens, driverless transportation, and even more 5G.

Let us look at the possibilities of what’s to come at CES 2020:


One topic causing a lot of CES buzz are the screens—with LG’s first industry-certified “8K Ultra HD” resolution TV, plus the company’s gamer monitors that include 38-inch 4K display. Samsung plans to use AI to turn content into 8K resolution, and other companies may even show off some roll-able screens. Chinese company OnePlus will be debuting a new device, which is rumored to be a phone, and TCL’s higher-contrast Mini-LED TVs will also be showcasing at the conference.

(Speaking of screens, CES will also see 2020’s biggest streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and now Disney+ and Apple TV+. Netflix has longtime been on top, but we’ll have to see which SVOD reigns in 2020.)

5G and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality may truly blossom in 2020, as next generation 5G could help AR see its full potential. 5G’s faster speed, lower latency, and higher bandwidth means that media experiences will be transformed. Both AR content and devices will make their way to CES this year, and we may even see Apple-designed AR glasses in the near future.

Autonomous vehicles

New LiDAR sensors will be debuting at CES. This radar technology helps autonomous vehicles understand their environment, giving them the ability to spot and avoid hazards on the road. RoboSense’s Smart LiDAR Sensor and Blackfield’s the Cube and Cube Range LiDAR sensors may be able to increase autonomous vehicle’s reliability.

Smart home devices

We anticipate more AI-infused home devices at CES this year, and where we have seen smart home devices do with music, we’ll also see with video. Smart home tech is a big factor in why the music industry will hit $45 billion by 2030, with music-streaming subscriptions and home devices on the rise. PassiveBolt’s smart lock will also show CES what it’s doing with home security. This lock converts existing locking systems to become touch-activated.

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