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Everything you need to know about Cisco and 5G from Mobile World Congress

All of the newest 5G announcements coming from Cisco.

This year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in LA brought together a bustling mix of leading companies, experts, and industry leaders to discuss the future of “Intelligent Connectivity”—a combination of 5G, Internet of Things, AI, and Big Data. Top of mind for the 22,000 MWC attendees, 400 speakers and 2,500 CEOs is how to integrate the new mobile technology with verticals like healthcare, automotive, media, and finance.

Tons of players in the mobile industry attended MWC, including Cisco, who had big announcements to share in the world of 5G. Not only is Cisco MWC19 Los Angeles’ official 5G sponsor, the company is also a major contributor to the fifth generation of cellular technology.

With 5G’s ability to increase cellular speed, reduce latency, and improve flexibility of wireless services, it’s clear why so many enterprises are planning on utilizing 5G to transform their business. Lower latency improves the performance of business applications and other digital experiences like video collaboration, VR and AR, self-driving cars, and more. 5G networking is virtualized and software-driven, which means it can simplify mobility and keep users connected as they move between indoor and outdoor wireless networks.

Cisco is a leading the advent of 5G networks with its automated, cloud-to-client, software-based network for 5G. If you missed it, here’s a roundup of the biggest announcements from Cisco coming out of MWC:

Cisco powers KDDI’s network refresh for 5G

KDDI Corporation, a leading Japanese telecommunications company, is partnering with Cisco to support its transition to 5G. KDDI is aiming to accelerate 5G and IoT innovation to help enterprise customers as well as helping to infuse more life into the local economy. With Cisco’s 5G network technology, KDDI can evolve to a cloud-powered architecture which will offer its customers a faster and more reliable connection.

Gogo partners with Cisco, Airspan, and First RF for 5G networks

Inflight Internet company Gogo is also looking to develop a 5G system and network to provide better broadband connectivity. Gogo, in partnership with Cisco, wireless equipment supplier Airspan and radio frequency company First RF, will bring the 5G network for aviation to life.

Cisco will be providing the core network solutions that will power Gogo’s air-to-ground 5G network, redefining the inflight experience with high throughput and low latency. This cloud-to-client approach helps customers unify solutions into one standards-based architecture.

Cisco strengthens partnership with Telenor on 5G

Cisco has partnered with Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor Group since 2010, previously supplying 3G and 4G networks. Now, Cisco and Telenor have signed a new agreement to ready Telenor for 5G. Telenor looks to use its 5G non-standalone (NSA) network to enable faster and more secure mobile services to support customers, enterprises, and IoT markets.

“5G NSA is an important step on the road to a fully operation, standalone 5G network that will allow Telenor to enable real-time applications across verticals such as telemedicine, transportation and commercial/industrial, with low latency,” says Jonathan Davidson, senior vice president and general manager, Service Provider Business, Cisco, “Our long-standing partnership validates our unique ability to provide innovative networking solutions that scale to support and benefit Telenor's customers in the 5G era.”

Telefónica uses Cisco Intent-Based Networking for a 5G world

Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telefónica is working to automate its network with Cisco’s Crosswork Network Automation Suite. This will provide Telefónica improved network health through machine learning, automated network orchestration, real-time network optimization, end-to-end infrastructure, and enhanced security.

Cisco is helping prepare Telefónica for a 5G-ready network that can handle all upcoming demands. The Crosswork Network Automation Suite transforms mass-scale network operations by helping service providers gain mass awareness, augmented intelligence, and proactive control of their network.  With this network intelligence, Telefónica can reduce time-to-outcomes and deliver new customer experiences.

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