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Podcast: A wireless revolution for the smartest cities

Expert insights on how 5G and WiFi 6 will help transform the urban experience

The next wave of urban transformation will incorporate technologies like AI, robotics, and advanced video analytics in exciting new ways. But such data-intensive solutions demand a new dimension in wireless connectivity. 

In this podcast, Cisco’s Kevin Delaney brings in expert insights on the promise of 5G and WiFi 6 — to meet the the urban challenes of the future and help create cities that are cleaner, safer, and a whole lot smarter.


  • Bas Boorsma, author and managing director of Cities Today
  • Gordon Feller, co-founder of Meeting of the Minds
  • Brenda Germundson of Cisco’s global public sector group
  • Shaun Kirby, head of connected car product management at Cisco
  • Craig Mathias, principal of Farpoint Group
  • Derek Peterson, Boingo Wireless CTO 
  • Simon Young of Cisco’s IoT, energy and transportation group
  • Louis Zacharilla, an author and co-founder of the Intelligent Community Forum