People@Cisco: Oliver Tuszik

Oliver Tuszik
May 14, 2019

Take a ride with the SVP of Cisco’s Global Partner Organization. Oliver Tuszik talks about the need to move quickly and the transformation journey.

 Video Transcript

My name is Oliver Tuszik, and I have the wonderful job of running the global partner organization. My main target is to get things moving fast. Of course there needs to be time to listen and understand.The transformation outside is happening. Partners have daily business. And if we don't move fast we will have a big problem in the future. When I look at what we need to do it's not like a one-time thing. It's a long journey.

Working at Cisco is pure fun and I'm sometimes making the joke. I have a job. This is really fun, enjoying great people and I even get a salary at the end.But it's mainly about the people. the people make the difference and to be honest I've never seen so many smart people in one company.

When I did my first all hands I recognized it was a bit awkward because I was standing there presenting to the world which I didn't like. So I was looking for format which is more interactive And therefore I came up with the idea of a coffee klatch.

That's a funny German word and it describes a kind of get together. It's a bit like meeting at the coffee machine at the office.

I love music. I just recently bought a guitar to learn again playing guitar. But I also like music festival one absolute highlight was a music electronic music festival in Germany which is called parochial. A big event with thousands of people living in tents And it was incredible with all these super dj’s.

The one thing that keeps me going that gives me the energy that fuels me up every day is very simple it's my family.

So my weekends, my evenings, whenever I'm here I'm doing something with them because this just simply fuels me up and gives me the energy I need.

Without my family I wouldn't be where I am right now.

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