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Cisco, official partner of ‘Solutions COP21’, pledges to work for a more connected and environmentally responsible life

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France- At the start of the 21st U.N.
Dec 03, 2015

Issy-les-Moulineaux, France- At the start of the 21st U.N. Conference on Climate Change in Paris, Cisco France announces its association with the Comité 21 and Club France Sustainable Development, to highlight innovative technological solutions to fight climate change and its effects on cities, businesses and people. The sole technology company to join the action program Solutions COP21, Cisco will exhibit its Eco City solutions in the Grand Palais in Paris from December 4 to 10.

Cisco believes that technology can improve our daily lives and transform the way people work, live, play and learn. For this transformation to be long lasting and impactful, Cisco has placed sustainable development issues at the heart of its business. Cisco addresses energy consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission priorities through innovation, in order to reduce waste and improve the energy efficiency of technology products—whose energy consumption represents up to 90 percent of the carbon footprint in their life cycle.

From December 4 to 10, Cisco, the only information and communications technology (ICT) company to partner with Solutions COP21, will interact with visitors at the exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris to share its innovations in urban mobility, energy-saving buildings, remote administrative services and telepresence.

Introducing So Mobility: A new approach for a smarter city

Mobility is a major issue of our collective daily lives. Local mobility is essential to city movements, with residents commuting to their place of work or to study, shop or spend their leisure time. It is therefore essential to provide concrete and sustainable solutions in urban planning, traffic management and the environment as the cities of tomorrow are developed.

To help tackle the questions posed by urbanization on a global scale, Cisco launched the So Mobility initiative with partners, notably in the building, energy, transport and infrastructure industry, to demonstrate that a viable, holistic, cross-industry approach can address the needs of modern citizens.

To make the concept of the smart city a reality, So Mobility will focus its efforts on improving road traffic, citywide parking and work to anticipate new modes of transport. The plan is to a make a lasting impact for how people get around their city by 2020. These will be demonstrated at the Grand Palais through a connected street and traffic management demonstration.

Intelligent buildings for energy savings

The need to address environmental concerns as well as regulatory and societal developments requires buildings to adapt and become “intelligent.” Buildings can now install an intelligent IP network and converged electronics system to control the services, mechanical and electronic devices, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, and lighting systems of a building. Together they enhance energy efficiency by transforming the way they are constructed, operated and occupied.

Cisco will offer the public an opportunity to discover how its energy management solutions, which are part of an intelligent connected building project, visualize and measure energy consumption and waste in each element connected to the network. The net result is the ability to arrive at a set of actions that will contribute to a reduction of greenhouse gases.

The Cisco Remote Expert for Government Services solution: Reducing the need for travel while facilitating access to public services

The Internet already allows citizens to perform certain administrative tasks online, but many still require people to travel, and sometimes for quite long distances.

In order to bring public services closer to the people, the Cisco® Remote Expert for Government Services solution allows local authorities to deploy administrative services in popular places, such as a library, a cultural center, a town hall or a shopping mall. Immersive Cisco TelePresence® technology and an array of intuitive digital tools allow a wide range of services to be offered. The solution integrates the best of collaborative technologies (high-definition video, high-quality sound, touchscreen and remote document reading).

Cisco believes that there is an opportunity to propose next-generation solutions to improve remote services, while further reducing the carbon footprint by removing the need to run some existing administrative centers.

Cisco WebEx technology: For connected, greener meetings

The use of remote collaboration tools, in addition to simplifying the lives of company employees and being more efficient, reduces the environmental impact of businesses.

Cisco will showcase its connected meeting Cisco WebEx® tool at Solutions COP21, which allows organizations to host online presentations, offer e-learning experiences, and even provide remote technical assistance.

To prove its significant impact in reducing carbon emissions, Cisco is offering organizations an opportunity to calculate online the environmental benefits that this solution offers. The full program is available here.

Further information on Cisco’s policy of environmental responsibility is available online in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015.

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